April 11, 2016

An open call to all young, aspiring talents out there – if you’re looking for a professional platform to hone your skill and further your passion for music, photography, moving images, and art & design; here’s your chance.


The 11th edition of Noise Singapore is back, and with it its killer mentorship programmes – extended and improved for even greater results. It isn’t just about breaking into the industry and making waves; Noise is and always has been about the nurturing of sincere, genuine young talents with a determination to improve and excel – and not just reap in the fame. That’s why the NAC has made it a point to bring in experienced industry partners as mentors, and even increase the mentorship period from four months to six. The longer period means many things – more exposure, more time to work closely with mentors to gain insight and practical knowledge, and above all greater involvement in the curatorial process leading up to the finale showcases, which are certainly a highlight of the Noise mentorship programmes. Plus, this year, mentees themselves get to decide on the artist direction of their work, instead of just working to fit a chosen theme. Greater artistic responsibility? Yes, ma’am.


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Aspiring musicians, then, can look forward to working under the Noise Music Mentorship (NMM) with Thunder Rock School, which will connect mentees with established players in the local music fraternity through courses and workshops. Mentors include household names like Inch Chua, Vanessa Fernandez, and Jack and Rai’s Jack Ho, along with seasoned instrumentalists like Sara Wee and Martin Kong. As for those keener on visual arts, there’re mentor-mentee dialogue sessions and workshops, under the Noise Art Mentorship (NAM), spearheaded by Objectifs and OH! Open House – for Photography & Moving Images, and Interdisciplinary Art components respectively. Both programmes promise a whirlwind six months of learning under the best, before culminating in a concert put up by the NMM mentees, and an arts exhibition by the NAM kids.

Frankly, it shouldn’t take much more convincing to send in your earnest application; but the proximity to becoming a household name in the Singapore music and arts scene can’t hurt too.


Registration for Noise Singapore 2016 is open from now till 2 May 2016 at 


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