April 27, 2016

We called it last year, and we’re calling it again – virtual reality is going to be the next big thing in tech. It’s going to change the way we consume media, produce content and possibly the way we communicate with each other. Imagine watching your favourite Tv shows and being completely immersed – Game of Thrones won’t be the same when you can be right there walking through the gates of Castle Black or exploring whatever’s at the north of the Wall. Maybe some tech genius out there might patent a way to Skype loved ones using VR – instead of just seeing the person, you’ll be able to look around his or her room. At this point, the possibilities are endless! Life really is way too big to have just one point of view. Tech brands are slowly, but surely releasing cameras that can capture a 360-degree field of view, giving you the option to see what you want to see. Here are a few of those cameras, in case you want to stay ahead of the pack. By Adam Kerr.


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