April 19, 2016

The annual European Union Film Festival (EUFF) will return for its 26th edition this May at Golden Village Suntec City. You’re in for a real treat – as Singapore’s longest running foreign film festival, this year’s showcase is the largest yet, featuring 30 films from 30 countries across Europe. Whether you’re an active film buff or just the average Joe who likes a good film every now and then, it’s definitely a date worth marking. Check out the full list of films that’ll be screened here, or peep our top five picks on what to watch.


The Invisible Boy (Italy)
Adventure | 2014 | 100 min | Italian with English subtitles | PG13- Some coarse language

Watch for: A feel-good underdog fantasy film, without the tacky vibrant film aesthetic of most superhero movies.



Flowers (Spain)
Drama | 2014 | 99 min | Spanish with English subtitles | PG

LOREAK – Trailer VOSI from Irusoin on Vimeo.

Watch for: What one (or just us) might term a stereotypical “European art film” – muted hued colour palette, the impeccable eye for cinematography, and that bewitching storyline that starts off slow and sedated but knocks you dead at the end.



The Judgment (Bulgaria)
Drama / Family |2014 | 107 min | Bulgarian with English subtitles | NC16 – Some coarse language

Watch for: An emotionally wrecked adventure through the Rhodope Mountains bordering Turkey, through the eyes of a bankrupt destitute who’s had to resort to smuggling illegal immigrants from Syria into the EU. A Bulgarian The Revenant, perhaps? The heavy daddy issues are certainly present.



Hotel (Sweden)
Drama | 2013 | 97 min | Swedish with English subtitles | M18 – Sexual scene

Watch for: Alicia Vikander speaking in her native tongue. There, we said it.



The Tribe (Ukraine)
Drama | 2014 | 132 min | No dialogues – No subtitles – Sign language | R21 – Sexual scenes and violence

THE TRIBE TRAILER 2014 from Oleksiy Yevtukh on Vimeo.

Watch for: A truly unique (chilling) cinematic experience. Dark plot aside, the film places you in the same uncomfortably handicapped position as the deaf mute protagonist, leaving you feeling lost and vulnerable without subtitles or even dialogue. You can always google afterwards anyway.


European Union Film Festival, 10 to 22 May, Golden Village Suntec City.