April 28, 2016

Do you remember that handycam your dad used to bring out whenever there was a family event? Yeah, that kinda died out and got replaced by a slew of smartphones and DSLRs that can take videos, and then some. But Sony is looking to bring back the now classic device with even more advanced video recording capabilities to match up to its jack-of- all-trades competitors.

You’d think that devices like smartphones and DSLRs are great because they can do more than they should, but stuf ng them with more technology than the ones they’re supposed to have does sometimes lower the overall quality of the product. Back in the day, cameras took photos, phones connected people, PDAs stored personal information and handycams were the thing to record precious moments in video format. Today, Sony’s new handycams feature some of the best technologies available to create some really amazing quality videos that DSLRs and smartphones just cannot achieve… at least for now.

The new FDR-AXP55 and HDR-PJ675 handycams are both great devices to have. But like all big-ticket purchases, there are many factors you should take into consideration before picking the most suitable one for yourself; like the purpose of making videos in the first place (are you on your way to becoming a travel vlogger?), how frequent you’ll see yourself using the handycam and most importantly, your budget.

The FDR-AXP55 is clearly the brand’s star product because of its 4K-video recording capability whereas the HDR-PJ675 can only support Full HD. Although they both can shoot still and moving images at a wide angle of 26.8mm (16:9 aspect ratio), they use very different types of lenses. The FDR-AXP55 is equipped with the new ZEISS™ Vario-Sonnar T lens that’s made to capture even the tiniest details thanks to its Advanced Aspherical and Extra-low Dispersion lens elements, as compared to the Sony original G Lens that the HDR-PJ675 uses. If you’ve always been a fan of slow motion videos, the FDR-AXP55 is able to shoot videos at 100fps in Full HD, meaning you’ll be able to slow down the footage to add a new dimension to your videos (we bet your smartphone can’t do this in high quality). Unfortunately,there isn’t such an option for the HDR- PJ675, but you can film the next best thing – time-lapse videos in Full HD (though the FDR-AXP55 can do it in 4K).

This is exactly why it’s important to think about how either of these devices can help to make your life a little better (that’s what technology is supposed to do right?). Differences aside, both cameras will benefit from the advanced Balanced Optical SteadyShotTM as it suppresses camera shake on five different axes; a technology that was first introduced in the Sony a7 II in December 2014 to much applause. You’ll also be able to “screen” your videos instantly from both models with the built-in projectors so your family won’t have to huddle around you to take a look at what you just shot. Alternatively, you could upload all your footage onto Sony’s free PlayMemories Home™ PC software for all your editing and organising needs.


Sony FDR-AXP55, $2,299; HDR-PJ675, $1,299. Available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers.