April 1, 2016

Who doesn’t love a man in a sharp, well-tailored polo? Well, good news for all you lads – Fred Perry’s Spring/Summer 2016 line presents two brand new collections sure to spiff up your everyday wardrobe. And ladies, don’t be afraid to get in on this as well, if, yknow, your fella needs a little push in the right direction. *wink*

shot-1117-nigel-editorial-081-1  shot-1119-nigel-editorial-020-1

As always, Fred Perry nails sports-casual yet again. The first of the two collections is a patriotic collab between Fred Perry and British label Nigel Cabourn – a celebration, almost, of the authentic British manufacturing roots and heritage by both brands. Inspired by Fred Perry and Austrain footballer Tibby Wegner’s original tennis kits, as well as Nigel’s personal collection of 1950s British sportswear, the line pays tribute to leisure sports styles of the 50’s to 70’s. Expect to see classic staples like the Washed Navy Training Hoodie, matching pants, and Sports Pique Shirts directly inspired by pictures of Fred himself during his tennis coaching days. It’s timeless without being dated, and still very wearable. Plus, you can’t deny the thrill of looking like the Wimbledon star himself.



Then there’s the Men’s Laurel Wreath Collection – a selection of classic shapes redefined and updated for a sleek, contemporary edge. Delving back into the Fred Perry apparel archives, there’re the Towelling Leisure Shirts, V-Neck Pique Sweaters, and Textured Overshirts – all refined for a modern, Reiviera-inspired look. Still, the vintage element is hardly lost, so ardent Fred Perry fans can heave a sigh of relief. If anything, the collection brings to mind some familiar silhouettes – Nick Jonas’s getup as a dashing, golfing frat boy in Scream Queens, or Leo as a dressed-down Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street – leading lads we’d definitely be down to spend a day on the courts with.


Fred Perry x Nigel Cobourn Collection, $189 to $419; Men’s Laurel Wreath Collection, $189 to $439, available at the Laurel Wreath Collection Shop at Mandarin Gallery, #03-08. fredperry.com