April 8, 2016

The next rainbow bagel? Probably not, but the new #briyo buns – half brioche, half fro-yo – from Squeezed! are certainly a tasty food trend to keep your eye on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.39.37 PM  Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.39.45 PM

For starters, we can already tell they’re going to be a hit on Instagram, because have you seen the UFO likeness of the buns? It’s an aesthetically pleasing equation of tart, all-natural frozen yogurt sandwiched between two toasted brioche buns – sealed only after you’ve sprinkled your fro-yo with nuts, fruits, and luscious honey. With four sweet dessert buns (Bed & Breakfast, Life’s A Peach, Smores & More, and Elvis’ Reese), and two savoury options (Tori Tori teriyaki chicken and Royal Rumble’s truffled macaroni with nacho cheese), there’s quite easily something for everyone. Still unconvinced? You can choose to personalise your very own Squeezed! bun – starting at $4.30 for a plain brioche with fro-yo, and an additional $0.90 for 1 topping; $1.50 for 2.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.41.16 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 6.42.43 PM


Though Squeezed! first started out in 2014 as a cold-pressed juice and yogurt bar, the quirky local label is rolling out their savoury and sweet briyo buns like hot cakes. Unfortunately, for those of us who don’t live in the Northeast (guess we can’t all be happily engaged BTO couples), it’ll take a trek down to the recently opened Punggol Waterway Point for a taste of these novel desserts. But when your reward is a natural, nutritious snack that’s scrummy (and pretty!) to boot; it honestly is worth the trip.

Address: 83 Punggol Central, #B1-K8, Singapore 828761
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Price: $5.80 for a signature briyo


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