This Just In: Dyson's First Ever Hair Dryer

The world stopped for a minute yesterday, when king of vacuums, fans, and hairdryers Dyson announced its first foray into the beauty world – with the Dyson Supersonic, first and foremost a hair dryer but above all a leap forward in hair care technology. Trust us when we say that this is the chilli padi of all hair dryers – light, compact, but packs a powerful punch with a fast and focused airflow. In fact, the motor used to power it is Dyson’s smallest, lightest, and most advanced creation yet, and runs up to eight times faster than other hair dryer motors but weighs only half the weight, furreal.

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But our favourite feature of all has to be the intelligent features, which promise a quieter motor and self-correcting intelligent heat control. When you hold the Supersonic close to your head, sensors measure the surrounding temperature and send signals to the in-built microprocessor, to control the heating element and prevent heat damage to your hair, so it stays glossy and healthy. And you know what that means – no more worrying about late night showers and hair drying sessions; waking up the entire house or risk going to bed with hurriedly dried heat damaged hair will never be a cause for concern again.
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The Dyson Supersonic comes with four heat settings, three airflow settings, and a cold shot – an ode, again, to the capabilities of an unassuming, tiny handheld hair dryer. Well, all we can say is: a $100million on investments well spent; the Supersonic drops officially in the third quarter of the year, but it already seems like quite the revolutionary new hair toy.