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April 22, 2016

We often find ourselves in a nail polish conundrum. Regular nail polish formulas have chipped off in literally hours on our nails – yes, we might just be that rough, but it can really be quite ridiculous how quickly a painstakingly-DIYed manicure can come off. And when we need something that lasts, we turn to a gel manicure at the salon, but we’re sure we don’t have to educate you on how bad these actually are for your nails; the fragile, cracked state your nails are left in once a gel mani comes off should be testament enough. There’s also having to go all the way back to the salon when you want to have your gel colour removed, only to subject your poor nails to violent buffing and scraping, leaving them to languish in an even worse state after.

So what’s a girl to do for pretty, polished nails that last a decent amount of time? We were all ready to settle for either polish that comes off in days, or damaged and weak nails if we want something more permanent. Until Sally Hansen arrived to save the day with their Miracle Gel range – we tried it, and we have to say “Miracle” is just about right.



The premise here is that you get the high-shine and lasting power of a gel manicure, but without having to use a UV lamp; it also comes right off with regular nail polish remover, no desperate buffing required. The magic is in the technology and the formula: both the colour and the top coat contain an oligomer that allow them to bond tightly together, and this bonding is activated by the exposure of a photoinitiator in the top coat to natural light. Once the colour has been set with the top coat, the formula also cures over time, allowing your manicure to last longer.

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Since what we like in a regular gel manicure is how it makes nails look extra shiny and full, Sally Hansen has recently improved its Miracle Gel Top Coat to give your nails twice the volume and shininess. Think it’s too good to be true? The brand’s issued us a challenge: try the Miracle Gel range for yourself, and if there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, they’ll give you your money back as long as it’s within 90 days of purchase (with less than half the product used, and presentation of the original proof of purchase). From 21 April to 21 July 2016, call the toll-free hotline at 1800-385-3772 if you’d like to use your money back guarantee on a Miracle Gel product (we hardly think you’ll need to, though).

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miracle gel colours

Three new summer-ready shades will soon be added to the range, bringing up the total number of shade options to 25. Digi-teal is a cheery turquoise, Midnight Mod is a inky dark blue that’s easily flattering, and Slate-r Girl is a fashion-forward grey. Maybe blue nails are a trend we’re often afraid to try, but we promise these shades aren’t in the least tacky, and are right on-trend for the current Spring/Summer season. Give the Miracle Gel a shot, and you might just not have to see the inside of a nail salon for some time.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, $16.90 each. Digi-teal, Midnight Mod and Slate-r Girl will be available from 21 April 2016, at major Watsons and Guardian stores. Follow Sally Hansen on Facebook at and on Instagram @sallyhansensg.