April 28, 2016

By now you’ve probably seen the video of the incredible Disney Tsum Tsum arcade machine, shared furiously on Facebook to the delight of all Tsum Tsum fans. And even if you haven’t, chances are you’ve spotted them floating around on your Instagram Explore, in the form of macarons, cupcakes and other sweet treats – and promptly fallen in love. Basically, there’s no fighting these adorable Disney remakes, which is why :CHOCOOLATE by i.t. is pulling out yet another :CHOCOOLATE x Tsum Tsum collaboration – it’s latest and greatest!

TE1599 BKX $59.90 TE1600 GY1 $59.90

TE1606 ORL $59.90TE1634 WHX $69.90  TE1606 BLL $59.90

First off, there’s a whole new line of cutesy Tsum Tsum items, with your favourite round characters gracing T-shirts, bags, and limited edition crop tops. Personally, we’ve got our eye on the crop tops, which feature eight different characters in their signature colours. But if bright colours and flashing midriff aren’t your thing, there’re the more muted regular tees – exclusively featuring newer Tsum Tsums like Alice from Alice in Wonderland and the characters from the Oscar-winning Inside Out. And to really hype things up… Is that an Elsa Tsum Tsum we spy?!

BG0231 $69.90 SG0232 GRX $43.90 BACK   AC0230 BLL $59.90

And if you can’t get enough of these bobble-head cutiepies, collect ’em all with the reversible cosmetic pouches, or the cute and chic sling clutch that features the whole gang – only for hardcore fans. The collection also presents two tissue covers in the shape of Lotso from Toy Story and Sadness from Inside Out, because we’re pretty sure even inanimate tissues would be thrilled to be decked out in Tsum Tsum.


:CHOCOOLATE x Disney Tsum Tsum collection, $43.90 to $69.90, available in May 2016 at :CHOCOOLATE Bugis Junction and CHOCOOLATE orchardgatway.