April 25, 2016

How does one stay relevant? Why, constant reinvention to keep up with the times, of course. And that’s exactly what LACOSTE’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection hopes to do, with pieces that perfectly embody the brand’s esteemed heritage, while keeping it real in 2016 with modern touches.

007_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book 015_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book 004_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book

Designed by Creative Director Felipe O Iveira Baptista, the collection celebrates the brand’s sport-inspired spirit, elegant simplicity, and functional versatility. In fact, the designs take explicit inspiration from the Olympic aesthetic of the 1930s – particularly that of national flags proudly wrapped around victorious athletes onstage, which remain a glorious vision even till today. Expect clean, simple sporting lines driven by the need to enhance performance, but topped with that effortless elegance that somehow still manages to incorporate lots of feel-good colour.

002_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book 001_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book 009_LACOSTE_SS16_Womenswear_Look_Book

And of course, you can look forward to a whole new line of slip-ons and sneakers, in a generous range of colours and all emblazoned with the feisty green croc we’ve come to really appreciate. No prizes for guessing why these looks are so tennis court-appropriate; they push us head over heels in love.


LACOSTE SS16 Collection, available at all Lacoste boutiques.