April 12, 2016

It’s easy to feel like you’re always in need of a new dress. Wedding to attend? Buy a new dress. Scored a big date? Buy a new dress. Fancy dinner coming up? Buy an extra fancy new dress, of course.

We’ve been there, and can tell you it can be a real drag when you’ve scoured countless shops but can’t seem to find the right dress. And because we’ve been there so many times, we also can tell you that more often than not, it’s been Topshop that has come to our rescue. The high street brand always seems to have a dress for every occasion, from casual sundresses to dance around in at your next music festival, ranging all the way to glamorous pieces to dress up in for the special nights out.


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Clockwise from top left:
Bandana Print Ring Slip Dress, $89.90;
Daisy Contrast Shift Dress, $229
Long Sleeve Applique Mini Dress, $136;


It also really, really helps that Topshop also happens to stock a full range of footwear and accessories so you’ll surely be able to find the right ones to match your dress of choice, whether it’s a bright embroidered clutch to stand out nicely against a white applique dress, or black strappy heels to anchor the floral prints on a midi dress – we always like the feeling of able to settle all our shopping in one place. Phew.