white shoes

April 25, 2016

White sneakers. You’ve seen them on Instagram and in real life, gracing the feet of practically every decently dressed millennial; and you’ve either tried to assert your individuality and ignore the insane hype, or secretly wondered if you too should cave and get a pair. Here’s our take – duh, you should. Trust us when we say that we too used to be indifferent to the boons of a classic white sneaker, but when curiosity struck, something beautiful was born – a wizened, genuine appreciation of the simple shoe that has officially become our favourite footwear staple.

Still need a little extra convincing? Read ahead, good child.


1. They go with everything

And we actually mean everything; just like a black shoe, white doesn’t clash, and instead can pull your outfit together nicely. It’s a wonder why some people are afraid that white is a colour that’s “hard to match”; we blame it on its sheer “brightness” that might often seem intimidating to those more comfortable with darker tones. Well here’s some good news – not only will your white sneakers match your dark ensemble, it adds a pop of monochrome-approved “colour” too.


2. They’re slimming

dkny ss2016 joseph ss2016

Images from DKNY and Joseph SS16 respectively.

You’ve got to be kidding, you level your half-lidded gaze at us in skepticism. Surprise surprise: in the same vein of white adding colour to a dark ensemble, that subtle white pop brings attention away from the heaviness of your darkly clad torso – down to your feet where the cleanness of the white seals the whole outfit neatly. Sure, black may be slimming in playing with shadows to hide unflattering lumps and bumps, but wearing black down to your toes can sometimes work against this shadow play and turn you into a shapeless, colourless splodge of black instead. White sneakers or white shoes in general break up the solid silhouette and give you more room to play with shapes and cutting, particularly if you were to experiment with looser, boxier fits on your top and bottom.


3. They look more polished than regular sneakers

Ergo they’ll even work in the office! We say this based on the assumption that you aren’t a lawyer or banker restricted to formal attire everyday, and that most companies are moving away from strict 9-to-5 dress codes. Going on that, all-white sneakers do a pretty good job masquerading as white dress shoes, and therefore go with trousers, culottes, blouses, tailored shirts and even dress pants. You’ll be amazed at how easily you find yourself reaching for your white sneaks getting ready in the morning, whether it’s to complete a chic smart casual ensemble that will take you from day to night, or to try and add some order to a last-minute outfit you chucked on because you woke up late.


4. They’re daintier

Unlike dark coloured sneakers which can look rough (depending on material and make), white sneakers naturally look softer and more feminine – which means they’ll go better with skirts and dresses; and can even tone down a more boyish, androgynous outfit.


5.They’ll land you an interview with Ellen!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.25.52 PM

Okay, we jest. But hey if two high school boys can go viral with Snapchat, comic perseverance, and a pair of trusty white Vans, who’s to say you can’t too? (For those out of the loop, check out the shoes that made Damn Daniel famous here.)


Finally convinced? Start shopping some of our fave picks:


Adidas, US$80




026_66fe76ee-0130-483e-97be-9378e0303937 (1)

Saint Laurent, $840

coloureyelet_1024x1024 (1)

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