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April 21, 2016

Your mother might have constantly nagged at you to load up on Vitamin C whenever you caught a cold, either by eating more fruits or adding those Vitamin C capsule drinks into your daily diet. Mum’s right, though: Vitamin C actually helps boost the immune system, which is why it’s effective for preventing future occurrences of the common cold, along with other illnesses.

Turns out, we need a regular dose of Vitamin C for the skin too. Vitamin C, in the form of ascorbic acid, has antioxidant properties and promotes collagen production in the skin, which makes it key to keeping the skin young and healthy. So if you haven’t been giving your skin a regular dose, it’s time to start. And we found this product that’s especially powerful when it comes to Vitamin C: enter Dr. Ci:Labo’s VC100 Essence Lotion, which comes loaded with double the concentration of Vitamin C derivatives as compared to the previous version of the product, the VC100 Pore White Lotion.


The Vitamin C in here isn’t just your regular ascorbic acid; what’s special about it is it’s highly permeable, 100 times more so than regular Vitamin C. This allows it to go deeper into the skin and have effects that are both fast and longer-lasting, also due to the inclusion of three other Vitamin C derivatives that help with the formula’s water and oil solubility, which contribute to the speed and lasting power of the skincare effects respectively.

Together with other beauty ingredients that don’t include any artificial fragrances, colourants, mineral oils, parabens and alcohol, this essence-lotion leaves behind poreless, brighter, firmer, and more translucent skin. The inclusion of grapefruit and orange oils also mean that this has a particularly zesty scent; after cleansing, apply a coin-sized amount onto the skin – think of it as your daily glass of orange juice for your skin.


Dr. Ci:Labo VC100 Essence Lotion, $83. Available at the Dr. Ci:Labo store at #B3-41 ION Orchard, at selected Watsons at Ngee Ann City, Raffles City and Parkway Parade, and on