Cast Members Of NBC's Comedy Series Friends Pictured (L) To R : David Schwimmer As Ross

May 25, 2016

This decade long sitcom that ran in the 90s and early 00s still remains as one of the most highly raved television shows. This iconic show is not only hilarious, it is also extremely relatable; six friends hanging out in the coffeehouse and going through the ups and downs of life together. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Despite the cheesy name of the show, “Friends” has indeed changed our lives. Set in the 90s, this era also saw the emergence of great (and terrible) fashion. Here are 10 outfits from Friends that are revived in 2016 today. Yes, that’s more than 15 years ago. Let the fashion throwback begin!


1. Lace up

Lace up S10E3
“Friends” Season 10 Episode 3, The One With Ross’s Tan.

Move over, Kim Kardashian. Rachel Green started the trend first. Plunging neckline featuring racy front lace up details. Dominating runways and almost every shop today, lace up details are officially back. However, keep this in mind though: Rachel rocked it almost 20 years ago. No surprises here anyway, since she is the fashion icon of the gang. We don’t know how she manages to look great in almost everything for the entire 10 seasons. Being Jennifer Aniston helps, I guess.


2. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans S1E19
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 19, The One Where the Monkey Gets Away.

Mom jeans SE36
“Friends” Season 3 Episode 6, The One With the Flashback.

Ah, the resurrection of the Mom jeans! Once scorned to be unfashionable and unflattering, only Moms were seen in these infamous jeans. Many didn’t appreciate the illusion of a bigger butt (this was before Nicki Minaj of course) that Mom jeans created. By the 00s, skinny jeans that were so damn hard to breathe in took over this trend. We aren’t sure why either, Monica clearly looks great in those jeans that doesn’t make her look like a Mom at all. High waisted, baggy, and comfortable – this pair of retro jeans goes with anything. Think cropped tops, sweaters, T-shirts and even a simple boyfriend shirt.


3. Denim. And more denim.

Denim Monica S7E17
“Friends” Season 7 Episode 17, The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress.

Denim skirt S6E19
“Friends” Season 6 Episode 19, The One with Joey’s Fridge.

Dungaree S1E2
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 2, The One with the Sonogram at the End.

Dungaree S3E6
“Friends” Season 3 Episode 6, The One with the Flashback.

Dungaree S3E20
“Friends” Season 3 Episode 20, The One with the Dollhouse.

This one clearly needs no introduction. It’s always reassuring to know that the denim craze is undying and will not be going away any time soon, or ever. So to that nagging debate you have in your mind whether to splurge on that denim dungaree, the answer is yes.


4. White sneakers

White sneakers S1E2
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 2, The One with the Sonogram at the End.

White sneakers S3E25
“Friends” Season 3 Episode 25, The One at the Beach.

These are the kind of shoes you never know you need until you get your hands on them. Trust me, you’ll be inseparable from them. The clean, classic white sneakers provide a pop of contrast to your outfits, no matter how dull.


5. Chokers

Choker S1E10
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 10, The One with the Monkey.

Choker S5E15
“Friends” Season 5 Episode 14, The One Where Everybody Finds Out.

Choker S818
“Friends” Season 8 Episode 18, The One in Massapequa.

TOO AMAZING. No, chokers are not for goth chicks only. Sophisticated, sleek and extremely haute, chokers will save your entire outfit. It adds just the right amount of edginess to your ensemble, even the simplest ones.


6. Slip dresses

Slip dress S1E10
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 10, The One with the Monkey.

Slip dress S1E10 3
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 10, The One with the Monkey.

Throwback to the 90s glitz and glamour with slip dresses. Making a huge comeback on runways in Spring/Summer 2016, the slinky slip dress finally returns. Despite the barely there coverage, slip dresses exudes simplicity and elegance at the same time. Layer it with your jackets and a cute pair of sneakers or sandals and you’ll be good to go. We know, Monica’s sleek silver dress is to die for.


7. Plaid patterns

Plaid Monica
“Friends” Season 4 Episode 8, The One with Chandler in a Box.

Plaid S1E19
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 19, The One Where the Monkey Gets Away.

The print that we can all fall back on. Plaids are timeless. The one thing we will never throw out of our closets. Monica in the classic loose plaid shirt is all of us when we have nothing to wear on a warm, humid Sunday. Alternatively, try Rachel’s look with a cropped sweater and adorable plaid mini skirt. We are a little iffy about the knee high socks though. But she pulls if off, obviously. Life is unfair!


8. Overalls

Overalls S1E20
“Friends” Season 1 Episode 20, The One with the Evil Orthodontist.

Ah, the epitome of the 90s – overalls. Perfect with a pair of crisp white sneakers – overalls have made a sudden comeback recently. A comfortable ensemble that will take you from day to night. If you are slightly less adventurous, start off with black overalls that will be really simple for layering.


9. Bold prints

Printed S3E25
“Friends” Season 3 Episode 25, The One at the Beach.

Printed S9E23
“Friends” Season 9 Episode 23, The One in Barbados.

We admit. Phoebe is definitely the odd one. The girls call her “floopy” at one point of the show. But we’d kill to look as great as she does in her whacky outfits. Phoebe’s fashion statement features layering funky prints on one another, which is something really hard to pull off. That doesn’t mean you can just dismiss the possibility of wearing bold prints. Pair these loud florals or geometric designs with neutral hues and you’ll get the perfect summer look. Or begin a hunt for these dresses the girls are wearing and you’ll be perfect for the warm weather. And that’s everyday in Singapore.


10. Crochet and lace

Lace Rachel S8E9
“Friends” Season 8 Episode 9, The One with the Rumor.

Crochet and lace are must-haves in anybody’s closet. We might have chosen this shot for young Brad Pitt though.