May 9, 2016

Other than your white sneakers, that is. We’re getting nostalgic with these white hot accessories that were once all the rage — and they’re now back and invading our closets with a vengeance.

1. Moschino Double Dice Plush and Leather Bags


Yes, furry dice are back! And instead of hanging them on your car rearview mirror, hang them on your arm with this pair that has far more use than we have the original idea credit for.

$2,047, at luisaviaroma.com.

2. Alexander McQueen Tattoo Printed Scarf


While the rest of the fashion world was wearing a McQueen (or knockoff) skull scarf, hopefully you weren’t one of the strange ones saving up for an overpriced Ed Hardy t-shirt. If you’re going for a tattoo print, at least make it a nice one.

$530, at luisaviaroma.com.

3. MCM Medium Stark Faux Leather Backpack


A long, long time ago, MCM had a store on the first floor of Paragon. It was the place to go for those obiang “MCM” logo belts and caps. Gone are those beng days, and the brand is back with a vengeance with highly sought-after backpacks and keychains.

$1,456, at luisaviaroma.com.

4. Anya Hindmarch Pointing Embossed Leather Sticker


This is possibly the most recognisable glove/hand in the world. Now the question is, what would you do with this?

$100, at luisaviaroma.com.

5. Casio G-Shock Kevin Lyons Bluetooth Digital Watch

001_d9b125c8-68ba-4e97-80bc-b72700b4bae3 001_d9d05233-8650-45bb-b6b4-5921cf425d85

This is the same shockproof watch we all once had, and in a classic silhouette with added bluetooth functionality. The strap features a white brick wall designed by Brooklyn creative director, designer, illustrator and typographer, Kevin Lyons.

$305, at luisaviaroma.com.

6. Alexander McQueen Tattoo Printed Bandana


Did you hang out at Far East Plaza in the 90s? Did you shop at Lips/Cheeks/77th Street? Then you probably also had a collection of bandanas that you thought made you super cool. Revive the trend with this one that actually is!

$215, at luisaviaroma.com.