May 20, 2016

The flagship store at the corner of Liat Towers was already an Hermès icon — and that’s before this major overhaul took place. You really can’t miss it while walking down the part of Orchard Road that leads to Palais Renaissance or The Forum, so it was rather surprising, almost dismaying, when we heard that the French heritage brand was gonna tear down the place, thirty years after this standalone store was conceived, to make way for something different.

Photo May 19, 10 59 23 AM Photo May 19, 10 24 46 AM Photo May 19, 10 26 01 AM

Well, we’re glad they did. The all-new, all-exciting concept makes the Hermès store feel like a brand new place again, and the refreshed interiors feel more vibrant and welcoming, immediately apparent after we stepped into the store yesterday during the press preview.

The architectural space was entrusted to Paris-based agency RDAI, under the artistic direction of Denis Montel — there’s now an expanded space of 670 sq m of floor and exhibition space, that enables the brand to display their metiers more comprehensively. The exterior of the store is nicely integrated into Liat Towers’ block-like facade, but you’ll also be able to spot a neat quirk that the design studios has included: a “Hermès firework-maker on horseback, his hands raised to the sky with a pair of silk scarves fluttering in the wind”. Way to show off the brand’s rich heritage. Just as well, a limited edition Hermès scarf has been created exclusively for the re-opening.

Photo May 19, 10 38 53 AM Photo May 19, 10 40 03 AM

Inside, and on top of the four floors that now showcase leather goods, scarves, and ready-to-wear collections, there’s a whole home universe space that’s, for the first time in Singapore, presented in its entirety. You can shop the range of Hermès homeware, including exquisite plates, cups, saucers, and textiles; or even pick up some furniture in their cosy, home-like space.

Photo May 19, 10 46 34 AM Photo May 19, 10 52 00 AM

As for the top floor, Level 5’s transformed into an art space called “Aloft at Hermès”. Pop by for an installation of “How to Disappear into a Rainbow” by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng, a poetic space that features a labyrinth of ethereal, pastel hues, blocks and mirror panels in sunrise shades that make great photo ops, or just a place that makes you feel a little lighter as you walk through it. This exhibition will be there from 20 May to 14 August 2016, and you’re free to wander about any time between 10.30am to 8pm daily.

As part of the re-opening celebrations for the Hermès store at Liat Towers, they’ll also be having some in-store festivities this weekend, both Sat & Sun, 21 and 22 May 2016. We heard that there’ll be photobooths against a lush background (just search #hermesliat for a sneak peek), and you’ll get to be one of the first people to explore the new art space at the top floor too. Worth a visit? You bet.


Hermès at 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers
Open to the public from 20 May 2016
1030 am to 8 pm daily

Main Photo, left side, credit: Masao Nishigawa