May 6, 2016

It’s been six years since the multi-talented Brit made a record, and now it’s finally here. Yes, she’s been making appearances here and there but nothing can appease our appetite for her prowess like an album. It was a particularly difficult time for Corinne Bailey Rae when she was making her previous record, “The Sea”, because her husband, saxophonist Jason Rae, died of an accidental methadone and alcohol overdose back in 2008. As part of her grieving process, she channeled her emotions into her music. That record got her a nomination for the 2010 Mercury Prize for Album of the Year. Over the past six years, she’s remarried, performed at the White House and won two Grammys.

She mentioned in an interview with Billboard that she doesn’t respond well to time pressure, which is why she’s taken all of six years to produce “The Heart Speaks in Whispers”. Both she and her new hubby and longtime friend Steve Brown (who is a producer and instrumentalist himself) believe that “a recording should be a captured moment, not overworked in the studio”. This new record explores the theme of new-found optimism and tells the story of her journey back to music, happiness and most importantly, love. It’s laced with new ideas and – like her other two albums – emotional energy that seeps out through its songs. The album was co-produced by her husband and features a number of renowned musicians like Pino Palladino, James Gadson, Marcus Miller and more.

“The Heart Speaks in Whispers” is slated for release on 13 May, but you can pre-order it on iTunes. Check out the tracklist below.


The Heart Speaks In Whispers

01. The Skies Will Break
02. Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart
03. Been To The Moon
04. Tell Me
05. Stop Where You Are
06. Green Aphrodisiac
07. Horse Print Dress
08. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
09. Caramel
10. Taken By Dreams
11. Walk On
12. Night


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Corinne Bailey Rae at Seoul Jazz Festival 2016
Event: Seoul Jazz Festival 2016
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Olympic Park

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