May 13, 2016

It’s true – after what seems like decades, the Isetan Scotts Supermarket is finally fully re-opened! We can’t remember the last time we had a good shop around for quirky Japanese produce and products (last July, apparently), so we’re hightailing down as soon as we can. But of course, a dramatic revamp isn’t complete without a makeover and some snazzy new additions – specifically an open-space, food theatre concept. Here’s what to expect on your next trip.


An authentic Japanese aesthetic

Isetan Scotts Supermarket 03 juice bar

As authentic as a chain-brand supermarket in Orchard can get, of course. As part of a global movement adopted by all Isetan stores across ASEAN, the newly re-opened Isetan supermarket will be all about a “this is japan” brand positioning. That means minimalist furnishings, elements of nature, open space, natural light, and a neutral colour palette – everything integral to Japanese interior design. Another fun feature is the new wavy ceiling design meant to mimic the pebble stone paths of Japanese gardens; plus touches of wood and bamboo that pay homage to the Japanese culture of love and respect for nature. All in all, probably the prettiest place to get your grocery shopping done, period.


Food theatre concept

Isetan Scotts Supermarket 01

Can’t say we completely get the concept, but we’re pretty sure it has to do with making a proper multi-sensory experience of your grocery shopping. For one, there’s a Permanent Event Stage that lets suppliers direct from Japan showcase their newest Japanese products. Everything you see “onstage” will only be available for a limited time at Isetan Scotts, so act fast. Regular Japanese fairs at the Stage also mean food samples! Lots of food samples!


Fresh sushi at Hirashima Suisan

Take your pick of Blue Fin Tuna, Yellowtail, King Salmon and more when you have your sushi and sashimi freshly prepared right there in the supermarket. Best part – wide window panels even give you full view of the preparation, so you’ll be drooling before you’re even handed your purchase.








Yaoya Fruit Juice Bar

Freshly squeezed juices and fruits? Yes please. The Japanese sure take their freshness seriously; a wide variety of seasonal produce will be available right at your fingertips, from sweet potatoes to Japanese melons, to strawberries and peaches. ‘Ripe for the picking’ was never more relevant.








Gourmet carbs at Johan Paris Bakery


No one does bread better than the French, so obviously this Japanese bakery with French origins is doing something right. A must-try is the exclusive Yuzu bread ($3) that’s handmade from scratch (like everything else); but try not to pass out from the heavenly smells wafting from the freshly baked loaves still rising in the kitchen.










Supermarket dine-ins

One of the thrills of luxury grocery shopping is grabbing a bite to refuel after – right there in the supermarket. The new Isetan supermarket offers not one, but three new dine-in spots, so you won’t even have to leave the building for a tasty meal.

P0406 Isetan_0061 P0406 Isetan_0246 - Dashi Bar P0406 Isetan_0718 - Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar


Available: Bentos – from Kaogoshima Wagyu to Hokkaido seafood, for a snappy but satisfying delicatessen lunch. Live food demonstrations (roasting, frying) make the meal more exciting.

Dashi Bar

Available: Udon and soba, for those in need of a noodle fix

Kaku-Uchi Sake Bar

Available: Sake, duh; perfect for enjoying with your supermarket sushi or an after-work pick-me-up.


Dessert at Chäteraisé Patisserie

P0406 Isetan_0491 - Chateraise Patisserie P0406 Isetan_0565

Because dessert needs to come after everything, even grocery shopping. As expected, everything’s made with the best ingredients – pure Hakusyu water and fresh milk all the way from Japan – for that extra kick of authenticity. And you’d be a fool to pass up the Double Fantasy Cream Puffs, made with Hokkaido fresh cream. Yum.


Isetan Scotts Supermarket, 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, open 11am – 9.30pm.