Get Ready To Celebrate Wealth and Luck at Erdinger's Maifest 2016

Beer: the all-too-familiar satisfaction of a good brew bringing people everywhere together, one wheaty keg at a time, is quite possibly the best feeling in the world. Which is why any event where beer takes centre stage should always be celebrated with fervor – and the reason why we’re already tingling in anticipation of Maifest 2016.
For those out of the loop, Maifest is the traditional German celebration of the arrival of spring in May; and we all know Germans do beer best. Originally a pagan festival, Maifest quickly became a staple of German history and culture for celebrating the coming of the new harvest after a long and cold winter, in a joyous jamboree of sausages, cakes, and multi-coloured ribbons – yup, the famed Maypole.

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You may vaguely recall some general knowledge about people dancing around a giant pole, ribbons flying wildly in the air, but the custom of the Maypole is actually a highly regarded one that first started in the tenth century. Villagers would decorate a giant pole in the local square with colourful ribbons – before dancing around and simultaneously “braiding” the ribbons, in and out, under the pole. It’s definitely a pretty sight to see, but more importantly, dancing around the pole was believed to bring good luck, wealth, and the fertility of nature.
While we aren’t exactly celebrating nature’s bright reawakening after the harsh gloom of winter (thanks, Singapore), there’s still much to be grateful for in continuing this tradition. If anything, it’s a happy excuse to bathe yourself in colour and good vibes as everyone comes together to join in song, dance, and lots of beer. All this and more, really, at Erdinger’s Maifest 2016.
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You already know Erdinger, one of the world’s largest and best breweries of German wheat beer, who’s been bringing us Maifest for some time now. This year, the fun is doubled with two exciting events, happening a week apart at two separate locations. On 20 May, hustle down to Clarke Quay for a night of German games and prizes, food (bangers and mash, duh), and of course, some hearty Erdinger beer to wash it all down. The festivities repeat again on 27 May at Holland Village, so you can definitely be a part even if you missed the first one. And it’s not just mindless feasting and drinking – look forward to a real Maypole and festive dancers on both nights, a photobooth and even German hair-braiding. How’s that for a memorable photo op?
And for anyone who took a shine to the idea of the lucky Maypole, secure your own good luck beforehand by having a go at the virtual Erdinger Maypole on the Erdinger Maifest Facebook page. All you have to do is spin the pole and enjoy a special promo code at the end; bam, instant fortune.
Erdinger’s Maifest 2016 
20 May, 8–10pm, Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square
27 May, 7–9pm, Holland Village Lorong Mambong
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