May 4, 2016

Let us be the first to wish you: Happy May the 4th!

That’s right, today is the one day every year when Star Wars fans unite to celebrate the force being with us all. If you missed out on the epic Star Wars Day event at OCBC Square over the weekend – we’re sorry to say that means you also missed lightsabre stunt choreography, life-sized costume displays, a bazaar and meet-and-greet, plus a panel session with artists from Lucasfilm Singapore who worked on set for Star Wars: The Force Awakens – well, no worries. To join in the festivities, a bunch of companies are stepping up their May Fourth game to help you celebrate your inner geek.


6301 A New Hope 66109 The Force Awakens cake  6508 Rule The Galaxy


From Swensen’s, nothing less than Star Wars ice cream cakes! Swensens’ classic ice cream cake gets a makeover appropriate for a galaxy far, far away, with movie-themed cake décor featuring Star Wars Classics (episode 1–6), Star Wars – The Force Awakens (episode 7), and Star Wars Rebels (which we all know is mildly inferior *cough*). Available in 23 ice cream flavours, the cakes are customisable in four different shapes – heart, square, round, and rectangle – perfect for your Star Wars-obsessed nephew’s birthday party. Or, you know, your personal May Fourth party with your dark side adult crew.


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And Uniqlo’s definitely in on the game too, with their newly launched Star Wars UT collection. We have to admit, as Star Wars fans ourselves, we’re pretty impressed with the quality of the graphics on the T-shirts – they’re fresh, stylish, and not tacky in the slightest. And at only $19.90 each, they’re a steal. The collection is only available in men’s and boy’s sizes, but honestly, we’re all for unisex clothing and defying gender labels (literal ones, especially) – so go ahead, ladies, and don’t be afraid to rep your Star Wars pride too.

And of course, don’t be afraid to fully maximise the day by binge-watching the movies – all seven of them. It’s a great day to be alive, everyone. May the force be with you always.



Swensen’s Star Wars-themed ice cream cakes, $52++ per kg, available at all Swensen’s outlets.

Uniqlo Star Wars Collection 2016, $19.90 to $29.90, available at all Uniqlo stores.