May 23, 2016

We can’t seem to shake her off. Hello Kitty is pretty much taking over the world with her iconic ribbon and the hotly debated lack of mouth (we still can’t figure that out, really). This famous feline, or, oddly enough, British girl, has made her appearance practically everywhere, and sending people into fits of temporary hysteria. Clearly, we see how irrationality triumphs over the mind when it comes to Hello Kitty.

Throwback to the notoriously long queues and unnecessary fights that occurred just for a plush toy (because, you know, Singaporeans are willing to wait a few hours for a toy but not ten minutes for a train). Still, while we continue to scoff at this insanity, we have to admit to something — that this kitty has an undeniable place in our collective hearts, relentlessly claiming her stake with adorably curated products and designs. From toys, stationery, home appliances, food chains, and even clothes, seriously, what hasn’t she done?

For a start, we are once again reminded of how this Kitty continues to control our lives, especially with the arrival of Singapore’s own Hello Kitty Café.


Yes, we’re talking about more long queues for this iconic café, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, that emulates Singapore’s ‘garden city’ vibe. Adorably-designed Hello Kitty food infused with local flavours? We think the queue is probably warranted. The hours-long wait to get a seat in the adorable café merely shows us how the kitty craze has never, and will never stop.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe, Arrival Hall Central #01-22, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport, open 24hrs daily.

Then, there are other ways the never-dying Hello Kitty craze continues, relentlessly.But who’s complaining right?


Hello Kitty by OPI


OPI joined in on the Hello Kitty craze just last year with twelve shades that weren’t all just pink (thankfully). These OPI bottles have adorable Hello Kitty prints on their caps and these prints alone were enough to send the world into a complete frenzy. This frenzy then escalated even further when they surprised everybody with a new collection, Hello Kitty by OPI Cherry Blossom, to usher the Spring season. These four classic colours are actually really versatile, and basically everybody was clamouring to get their hands on them.

Hello Kitty by OPI, available at selected Watsons stores.


Hello Kitty home products

Hello Kitty Rice CookerHello Kitty Pop-up Toaster (1)Hello Kitty Table Fan

For those whose ultimate lifelong dream is to live in a Hello Kitty home — well, basically every Hello Kitty fan out there — these ones are for you.” Well, basically every Hello Kitty fan out there. Practical and also adorably clad in pink, even Hello Kitty haters might be convinced, just this once.


Now your favourite feline can be there to ensure your safety in the bathroom as well. 3M’s Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Floor Sticker in the Hello Kitty’s Collector’s Edition will ensure your bathroom is aesthetically equipped, and anti-slip.

Hello Kitty Cornell appliances, available at OG and all electronic stores. 3M Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition, $24, available at Popular, Selffix DIY stores and selected NTUC outlets.


Hello Kitty Tablet

Hello Kitty (2)

Expect to get more work done with this limited edition Grace 10 Light Hello Kitty Windows 10 tablet. From the WMP (We aiM for Pride) character series, this is the first Sanrio-themed tablet that the Hong Kong based company has launched. Instead of your usual dull electronic devices, this tablet actually features a unique Hello Kitty design, complete with an exclusive pastel pink keyboard.

Hello Kitty Limited Edition Windows 10 Tablet, Best Denki.