May 5, 2016

We all know about ‘The One’ from fairytales and Disney’s animation films, but how about something that isn’t, for once, Prince Charming? Rather than hold on to that old-fashioned idea of perfection, here’s something more relevant to our daily lives, that gives us constant support, that we’re definitely more intimate with — our bras.

If you’re still reading this, then welcome, you’re the part of the population that dons a bra for at least eight hours a day… Though we might have a statistic that’s about to shock you. According to Triumph, the leading lingerie brand in Singapore, 7 out of 10 women are wearing bras that are of the wrong size for them. That’s a majority of us, somehow, clueless about how a piece of lingerie fits our body.

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Honestly, there’s no shame in this though, at least, if that’s you, you’re not alone. It could be because so many of us are too eager to zip in and out of a lingerie store without a proper consultation, relying on how we’ve always felt like a bra should feel like. We may be a 30-something professional, and still feel like a teenager in the changing room! Other than getting the measurements right, it’s hard to account for other factors too, like our body shape, bust age and more, things that only a professional would count on. None of us should feel awkward about getting help though — we’re all for getting intimate with your intimates.

Which is why Triumph launched the “Stand Up For Fit” campaign last year, with the aim to help every woman find the best lingerie that caters to their unique body. You might have seen the previous advertisement too, an animated “Find The One” movie that’s a fresh departure from showing top models dancing in intimate wear. Instead, there’s a whole Disney-esque style to it, with a memorable musical number to boot. Well, there’s now a new reboot that sees the same lead, Hannah, now with a baby, while her best friends Luna and Jade are on a mission for her to find the perfect set of intimates. Watch “Find The One… Again” here:

The message is clear: finding the perfectly-fitting bra, The One, should be just as important, and desired, as choosing a life partner. It’s a great confidence-booster (all-round booster, we might add), and a bra’s just as supportive too, seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle. You’ll feel more comfortable, without any aches or other consequences to your body — finding a good bra prevents, well, gravity’s downward effects since it’s able to provide support and lift to your bust area.

To get you started, here’s a handy guide to what works (and what you might be doing wrong).

Triumph How To

However, we can’t stress enough on the importance of marching right up to a Triumph store… and asking for help. The friendly professionals are there for a reason, and they’ll be able to offer you guidance on what the above chart really means when it comes to your body, what the size of your bra should be, along with what types of bras suit your body type and needs. Just as well, you’ll receive a $20 voucher when you head down to any Triumph store for a fitting.

There’s also a special e-store promo exclusively for NYLON readers:

Triumph x NYLON Singapore e-store promo

  • $20 off with $150 regular-priced purchase
  • Coupon Code: SEXY20
  • Valid till 31 May 16

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Images part of Triumph’s Summer “Light Fascination” Collection 2016, available in all Triumph boutiques & counters at major departmental stores and online.