Pastel Babylights: The New Hair Trend To Try

It all started early this year when Pantone, ultimate authority of colour, changed the Colour of the Year game forever by crowning two colours the shades of 2016. Henceforth Rose Quartz and Serenity, a pastel pink and a dreamy blue respectively, became colour trends that the fashion and beauty worlds scrambled to get on top of, and a worldwide obsession with pastels began.
Pastels are really not hard to love, though. They are immediately feminine, and can be easily matched with other colour families. And that’s why we’re totally on board with wearing them in our hair as well. We don’t mean a full head of pastel – as awesome as that is, we realise that takes a bit more daring – but rather, wearing the pastel as babylights in a head of cool-toned brown hair.
L’Oréal Professionnel keeps us updated with the pastel game with their Pastel Babylights Colour Service by Majirel, a summer collection of hair colours that feature soft translucent browns with four cool pastel reflects: Rose, Lavender, Mint and Mineral. The idea here is to achieve a subtle brightening effect, by applying the pastel highlights on tiny sections of hair to get a natural highlight, like the kind seen on children’s hair under the sun. A base of brown hair paired with the candy undertones from the pastel shades are flattering for warm-toned Asian skin, since the brown carries cool tones that help neutralise any sallowness.
And here, these L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador salons show us their own interpretation of the Pastel Babylights look on their models, who wear the pastel trend in 12 different ways. It’s plenty of inspiration, should you be considering getting in on the pastel trend yourself.

Colour trend: Pastel rose

Salon Vim
Done by: Gary Chew, L’Oréal Professionnel ID Artist, Director of Salon Vim (Instagram: @salonvim)
Modelled by: Eugena Bey, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @itzeugena)

Gary used the Majirel Pastel Rose (7.42) on Eugena’s sleek shoulder-length do, a minimalist style inspired by Alessandra Ambrosio. He applied the colour directly on the hair without lightening it first, so a soft and subtle effect is created; then, he added highlights in the bottom layers of her hair in the shade Majirel Vanilla Blond (10.2), to create some extra dimension.

Apgujeong Hair Studio
Done by: Kyle Shin, Director of Apgujeong Hair Studio (Instagram: @kyle_shin_)
Modelled by: Ardina Linley, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @ardinalinley)

If you dare to go full-on pastel, go for a full head of Majirel Pastel Rose hair as seen here on Ardina, who pulls off this trendy style with the Korean S curls added by Kyle.

Done by: Jaden Lee, Stylist at Backstage (Instagram: @sg_backstage)
Modelled by: Shona Woo, Mediacorp Artiste (Instagram: @shonashasha)

Jaden created a multidimensional style for Shona with Ash Violet as lowlights, and Ash Blonde as highlights on her pre-lightened hair, and styled it into a braided crown for a glamorous bohemian vibe.

Hair Inn
Done by: Chester Chan, Senior Manager of Hair Inn (Instagram: @hairinngroup)
Modelled by: Alexandra Chua, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @alexandrachua)

Balayage techniques were used on Alexandra’s crown to brighten the colour there and create volume, and the violet tint on the rest of her hair was created by mixing Pastel Rose with violet highlights.

Colour trend: Pastel Mint

Salon #1
Done by: Jason Sim, L’Oréal Professionnel ID Artist, Director of Salon #1 (Instagram: @jasonsim3218)
Modelled by: Tyen Ying Fong, Lifestyle & Fitness Blogger (Instagram: @tyenstagram) 
The technique Jason used here is called babylights strobing, which involves creating a seamless wave of pastel babylights, then adding strobing highlights to draw the focus to selected parts of Tyen’s face. The colour theme is mint, using the Majirel Pastel Mint (7.71) on Tyen’s loose cascading waves to create a modern version of a classic Hollywood old-glamour style.

Hair Atelier by Shunji Matsuo
Done by: Shuhei Suzuki, International Director of Hair Atelier by Shunji Matsuo (Instagram: @shunjimatsuo)
Modelled by: Aylna, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @aylna)
This style combines the ombre and balayage trends to create a look that stands out without being overly-dramatic. Shuhei coloured Aylna’s hair in a gradual ashy brown that ends in a more intense ash at the ends.

Crescendo Hairdressing
Done by: James Lim, Stylist at Crescendo Hairdressing
Modelled by: Teo Jun Ming, Managing Director of Crescendo Hairdressing (Instagram: @junmingjoonmin)
Guys can get in on the pastel trend, too. Here, Jun Ming wears gradient colouring with a lightened base and subtle purplish-grey highlights on the fringe.

Colour trend: Pastel Lavender

Formula Cut
Done by: William Chang, L’Oréal Professionnel ID Artist, Director of Formula Cut (Instagram: @williamformulacut)
Modelled by: Kyla Tan, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 finalist (Instagram: @_kylatan)
This quirky style that William gave Kyla brings to mind the colourful streets of Harajuku, by him adding babylights in Majirel Pastel Lavender (7.21) to a short bob that’s softened with curls at the ends; the pastel babylights help add much volume and depth to the crown of Kyla’s head. Finish with a curved fringe, and this look is equal parts doll-like and edgy.

Pro Trim and Style Na
Done by: Alex Lee, Manager of Pro Trim and Style Na (Instagram: @alexleehair)
Modelled by: Evan Toh, Artistic Director of Pro Trim & Style Na (Instagram: @ievangel)
Soften an angular face with pastel lavender babylights, which take on a translucent quality on a base of brown hair. Long bangs and a wavy lob help complete the feminine style.

Crème Hairdressing
Done by: Kim, Stylist at Crème Hairdressing (Instagram: @qinraemon)
Modelled by: Cherylene Chan, Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @cherylenechan)
This edgy gradient style has a base of dark burgundy blonde mixed with light red burgundy brown; Kim then added the Majirel Pastel Lavender starting from the middle of Cherylene’s hair to the ends, finishing with airy C-curls for a fun ‘do.

Colour trend: Pastel Mineral

 NK Hairworks
Done by: Irene Chai,  L’Oréal Professionnel ID Artist, General Manager of NK Hairworks (Instagram: @irene_chai_)
Modelled by: Chloe WL, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger (Instagram: @chloetwl)

Irene created a colour-blocking style on Chloe by layering the Majirel Pastel Mineral (6.17) and Pastel Rose (7.42) on gently layered hair, to make a safe brown colour a lot more exciting. The long, side-swept bangs add shape and movement to the style, while adding waves at the ends is a super-quick way to give the ‘do a volume boost.

Toni & Guy
Done by: Eddie Chong, Stylist at Toni & Guy (Instagram: @edc911)
Modelled by: Sun, Lifestyle Model
A combination of Pastel Mineral and contrasting ash and green shades painted on irregular sections makes this a bold style, definitely designed to make a statement.

Salon Vim
Done by: Fiona, Stylist at Salon Vim (Instagram: @salonvim)
Modelled by: Sophia Chong, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Blogger (Instagram: @sophiachong)

Cara Delevingne’s ombre locks were the inspiration for this look worn by Sophia. Fiona used the Majirel Pastel Mineral with a Light Golden Blonde shade as a base, and added on block highlights and babylights to create an eye-catching blend of colours.
Watch the below video to see the stylists in action, and hear what they have to share about the pastel babylights trend:

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