laneige summer banner

May 16, 2016

We’ll be the first to admit we can’t get enough of cushions, which is why we add one new one after the other to our collection with no consideration of how we’ve barely made a dent in all the rest we own. Okay, we admit we all need to learn to stop buying makeup we can’t finish using, but this cushion isn’t the same – and therefore we need to have it.

For summer, LANEIGE’s launched the limited edition Sparkling Body Cushion, and as the name implies, yes, the face cushion authority has made a cushion for your body. This one’s not so much about coverage, but rather it’s more for adding a slight highlighting effect on areas you want to catch the light better, with rose gold-hued shimmer. The ingredients of sparkling water and aloe help to moisturise and refresh the skin, and patting this onto your skin leaves a slight cooling effect that will be so welcome in the heat. But we’re more into the extra shimmer this will leave on our skin, because tapping it on will be so much easier than attempting to awkwardly brush on highlighter onto various parts of the body.

laneige body cushion

The nautical theme on the packaging’s real cute, and it extends to the rest of the Summer collection, which includes a Marine Girl Boy Eyeshadow Palette, and a Marine Nail Kit; the beach-ready shades will get you in a summer holiday mood real quick.

laneige summer collection


LANEIGE Summer Collection, $23 to $57. Available at LANEIGE boutiques and counters.