May 24, 2016

1. Culottes

You’ve seen this everywhere. Culottes enthusiasts would have a wardrobe full of culottes in every style possible. These are the pants that you just want to get your hands on, despite knowing you have something similar sitting in your closet at home. While seemingly unflattering (yes, we all know the awkward length), they’ll actually become a formidable wardrobe staple. So get over your initial scepticism and embrace their glorious form; because you will unknowingly find yourself reaching out for your culottes when you are having one of those ”I have nothing to wear” days.

culottes asos straightculottes zara 2

Asos, $53.90. Zara,$59.90.

For the more conservative ones, these straight leg culottes feature a straight cut with a slight flare at the ends. These are really easy to style and good for days when you are really lazy to plan your outfits. We’re not exaggerating when we say they go with anything. You’ll also be able to transition easily from day to night, as long as you match them with appropriate shoes. These pants also have an incredible slimming effect especially for those who are slightly more conscious of their legs.

x culottes COSx culottes Zara

COS,£69. Zara, $109.

As for wide-legged culottes, they feature a more relaxed style and are definitely the most comfortable, yet chic, pants you will ever wear. Depending on how you like your pants, you can go for the shorter ones (mid calf) or those that are slightly longer. Pair them with (white) sneakers, your favourite pair of sandals, strappy heels and you’re good to go.

2. Joggers

These pants are really tricky. You have to tread lightly, or else you might end up looking like you’re heading to the gym. But do not fear, my friends. These will be most comfortable pants you will ever own once you get the hang of it. The trick is to find joggers that are of the perfect length (for those who are not blessed with a great height, try petite sections).

This season’s all about sneakers and leaning towards the street look (Kanye killed it with the Yeezy). Pair your joggers with your favourite pair of sneakers and a cropped or regular t-shirt. To avoid looking like you’re out for a run, throw on a leather jacket or lightweight parka that will complement the look. Alternatively, you could always find joggers with a straight cut and a sleek material, and you’ll have a completely different look. These drawstring joggers can be difficult to style, but just stick to versatile hues – think black, nude and grey, and you’ll be fine. Wear them with sandals, pointed flats or slim sneakers to look effortlessly mod.

x Joggers ASOSJoggers ASOS 2

Asos, $75.04. Asos,$47.17.

3. Prints 

Duh. Loud prints, floral patterns and unique designs. Nothing screams Spring/Summer like they do. Despite the funky hues, you won’t necessarily look too flashy in them. Pair these pants with something simple on top, with a complementary colour. Out of ideas? Always go for a classic white top, it will never go wrong.

printed HnMPrinted Zara

H&M, $39.90. Zara,$49.90.


4. Tailored

The essentials. If you had to choose only one type of pants for the rest of your life, this would be it. Tailored pants usually feature a straight cut design, and are often slim fit. Completely different from the culottes, the tailored pants are slim and fitting at the bottom. Available in various lengths, you can choose to wear them cropped or at your ankles.

tailored asostailored Zara

Asos,$60.03. Zara, $69.90.

You can choose to cuff the pants and wear them with sneakers and a crisp boyfriend shirt. Alternatively, wearing these slim fit pants with a slouchy or baggy top would definitely work as a casual option.

tailored asos 2Tailored Topshop

Asos, $53.60. Topshop,$89.90.

Opt for a feminine look with these tie-waist pants that feature a ribbon sash. The tie-waist design not only offers an additional element to your bottoms, but it also provides a slimming effect and hides the unwanted tummy lumps (much needed after lunch time).