May 30, 2016

One of our favourite pastimes is wandering through the Sephora store aisles, getting deliriously lost among the endless things this beauty mecca has to offer. There is such a mind-boggling variety of items that constantly gets updated all the time that it can be quite difficult to spot the new stuff, so we’ve done it for you here – these are our picks from the recent and upcoming launches in the Sephora stores, so you know what to zoom in on during your next excursion there. You’re welcome.


Sephora Fingertip Eyeliner

sephora fingertip eyeliners

There are a million and one tutorials for how to perfect your eyeliner flick out there, but the truth of the matter is, sometimes in the mornings when our eyes are still half open and our brains are only just powering up, it’s hard to muster the effort to paste tape in perfect angles on our eyes (or whatever other fancy trick that’s meant to substitute the lack of steady hands). The only other way out is to have a product designed to eliminate our eye-lining woes, and Sephora’s latest innovation literally allows you to have it at your fingertips. What you do is slip your index finger into the hollow part of the lid, and rest your other fingers on the body of the lid for a good grip, and line your eyes this way. This product is meant to help anyone who “associates liquid liner with guaranteed mishaps”, according to Sephora.

$14, available at Sephora stores from 23 June.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

too faced better than sex waterproof

The original Better Than Sex Mascara doesn’t need much introduction – its superb lash thickening and lengthening abilities already make it pretty perfect, but if there’s one thing that we always felt was lacking about it, it would be how it’s not waterproof. So the new Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara is basically perfection, since water-resistant polymers have been added to the formulation to allow it to stand up against all the tears you want to cry. The faux-water droplets on the tube also add a nice summery touch.

$35, available at Sephora stores.


NUDESTIX Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel


NUDESTIX’s range of makeup crayons are all about making your makeup multitask for you, so these newest brow tools are the same. It contains a brow pencil with a triangular tip and a clear brow gel with a spoolie applicator, to fill in and tame your brows at one go. What we like about the triangular tip of the crayon end is that we can choose whether we want to fill in our brows with thick or thin strokes; first use the flat end to outline and shape your brows, then use the pointed end to fill in using short, upwards strokes. Get this if you have full brows – it’ll ensure you’ll never have a hair out of place.

$37, available at Sephora stores from June.


Tarte Tarteist Clay Blush Palette

tarteist 1 tarteist 2

A palette of blushes never fail to make our hearts skip a beat, and especially when they’re in delicate shades like these ones from Tarte. The brand has always been good at tempting us with super lustworthy palettes, and they’ve done it again this time with this Tarteist launch that also has a very Instagram-able case design on the outside. As the name implies, the four blushes are from the Amazonian Clay range, are are all warm-toned in pinkish hues.

$56, available at Sephora stores.



foreo luna play

These itsy-bitsy LUNA cleansing devices are too cute too resist – they’re the smallest in the range as of now, and made to be ultra portable, since they can fit into even the most compact of travel pouches so you can bring along your full cleansing regime with you anywhere. There are the familiar dual silicone touch points, thicker at the top for oilier skin, and thinner at the bottom for a gentler clean on more sensitive areas, like around the eyes. The hardest part about getting one of these will be choosing a colour you want from the seven options, for sure.

$69, available at Sephora stores from June.