May 30, 2016

Here’s a lesser-known fun fact: Singaporean diners spend an average of $248 a month eating out – compared to the $175 the average Asia Pacific diner spends. Call it frivolous, or recognise that Singaporeans just have a more unique way of, well, prioritising. Either way, we’re all for celebrating food, which is why we’re loving LINE’s newest Foodie app – a like-VSCO-but-better camera app created just for snapping food at its finest. And when media tastings and food deliveries are part and parcel of the NYLON routine, you can bet an app like Foodie will come in handy. Besides, you know what they say – pics or it didn’t happen.

BBQ Chewy

L-R: The Daily Roundup, filtered with BBQ; Seorae, filtered with Chewy

And the key to food instagramming is… absolutely nothing. Not with Foodie, at least, where every little feature is tailored to help you put your best plate forward. First things first – be prepared to be completely overwhelmed by choices. The possibilities are endless with the 24 free filters, which are explicitly designed to best flatter specific types of food. Snapping a fresh and zesty shot of a girly margarita? Pick from the Tropical (TR1, TR2, and TR3) choices, which proved equally effective for healthy salad shots. Or maybe you’re in the mood to document a carnivorous night out at a Korean BBQ joint; the heavy, smoky tones of BQ1 are our go-to for showing off that tantalising grilled meat.

Tropical_2  Sweet_2

L-R: Rollie Ollie, filtered with Tropical; Tiong Bahru Bakery, filtered with Sweet

Of course, you’re in no way limited to using the filters solely for the food they’re named after; on the contrary, we found that the last few Romantic filters meant for coffee don’t really flatter hot or cold brews as promised, while the Yum filters at the head of the pack work for pretty much everything. User-friendly toggles also let you adjust brightness both during, and after capturing your pictures. We’re not huge fans of the auto blurring effects meant to help achieve a desired mood – a little passé no? – though the flashlight feature was a welcome tool when shooting TGIF dishes in low light. Our favourite feature, though, has to be the in-built “best angle” detector that gives you the figurative green light when your camera is positioned at its prime spot (ie. completely parallel to your food) – a godsend for capturing that perfect flatlay.

Yum Yum_4 Yum_2

L-R: Chir Chir Chicken Factory, Lady M, Tanuki Raw; All filtered with Yum

And naturally, seeing how it’s under the LINE Corporation, Foodie is directly linked to LINE and all your other go-to social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – for easy sharing the moment you’ve nailed your food shot. No news on potential incorporations of the LINE stickers within the editing function yet, though we have been promised updates on new filters and effects in the near future. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming – the birth of a dedicated camera app just for food – given the rising global phenomenon of shooting your meal as the culinary experience over the food itself. *cough* nonetheless guilty *cough* But then again, if we really are spending so much money on our everyday meals… might as well make the most of it, right?


Foodie is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.