May 3, 2016

Digital photography too mainstream for you? That’s why there’s Lomography. Lomo fans have always been able to get their fix of film photography through various stores in town, but when Lomo decided to open its first flagship store here (also the first in Southeast Asia) in 2011, it became almost life-changing; well, at least for the Lomo enthusiasts of course. They quickly established the Singaporean micro-site for the community here and launched their online store to bring about even more convenience for their die-hard fans. But one of the greatest things that Lomography brought to the table was its Lomo’Instant camera.

We first saw the prototype back in 2014, when they were looking to crowd-fund the project. Now, the Lomo’Instant camera is available in a whole myriad of colours and patterns. If you’ve always loved taking analogue photos with their cams, but have little patience to wait for the photos to develop, then let this be your source of instant gratification. Lomography pays tribute to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Honolulu. This special edition of the Lomo’Instant is inspired by beach culture and laid-back Hawaiian charm, sporting a clear colour palette and palm tree print detail. The Lomo’Instant Honolulu also comes with various accessories like the Fisheye Lens Attachment, Portrait Lens Attachment and a Close-Up Lens for you to get more creative. Just load it up with the widely available Fujifilm Instax mini and you’re all set to create wonderful images on credit card-sized polaroids.


Lomo’Instant Honolulu Edition, $228. Available online