May 17, 2016

Everyone loves technology. Even if you hate it, you’re probably using a tech gadget to read this article right now. But it’s amazing what technology can do, especially when you have talented directors like Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia. These guys created a surrealist montage of imagery that sees eagles flying underwater, volcanoes spewing popcorn and a giant Chris Martin walking amid the clouds in a micro-sized world. This video evokes a childlike wonder with its imaginative visuals where anything is possible. Everything is fairgame, even sipping bowls of oceans, jumping off a diving board and into a sea of clouds or watching a turtle swim through the air in a subway station. But when your previous video sees the likes of Beyoncé in it, you gotta one-up yourself, which is exactly what Coldplay has done. “Up&Up” is the anthemic new single from their current album, “A Head Full of Dreams”, which is rumoured to be their farewell album. Impeccable editing!

Take a look for yourself: