May 25, 2016

Something really special happened at a Parisian multi-purpose indoor arena called Le Zénith two days ago, where Radiohead played their third concert of their 2016 tour. They’re currently touring to promote their latest album, “A Moon Shaped Pool” and they’ve been dusting off a few classic songs from their catalog to perform for the audience. Their setlist hasn’t exactly been consistent and they’ve been shaking things up every other night. But of course, everyone knew that their tour was going to be super unpredictable; it’s Radiohead we’re talking about here.

And it’s no secret that huge bands have that one song that everybody loves, but the band hates. For Radiohead, it was always their first hit single, “Creep”, which is exactly why it was truly surprising when they decided to play the song that night. The last time they performed it live was during their headlining set at UK’s Reading Festival on 30 August 2009. They’ve always been referring the song to as “crap” and have admitted to having a troubled relationship with it, even though it became their breakthrough hit in 1993. Since then, they’ve rarely performed it live.

Watch the performance below: