We Found The Perfect Foundation For This Crazy Heat

As we write this, our weather app insists it’s currently 30° Celsius out there, with an expected high of 34°C for today. But upon stepping outside, the searing heat that’s beating down at this moment definitely makes it feel closer to 40°C – and it’s been this way for the past few weeks. Staying outside for any longer than 5 minutes starts to feel unbearable; and in the mornings, we’ve experienced sweating through our clothes even before leaving the house, and our makeup melting right before we’re even done putting it all on.
When will this madness stop? The weather experts have said that April is usually the hottest month in the year, so here’s to hoping things will cool down a little before the end of May. Until then, we’re relying on our latest foundation find to beat this makeup-melting heat: the Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Film Liquid UV Foundation.

maquillage foundation

Reasons why this foundation is really working for us in this weather: It adapts to both high heat and air conditioned environments, with an ingredient called the Temperature-reacting Oil and Film that keeps the foundation breathable even in extreme levels of heat and humidity (which pretty much sums up our weather these days), and a Lifting Water Capsule that keeps skin hydrated, even while you’re hiding out from the heat in an air-conditioned room, which can be drying for the skin. The finish is called a “lustrous matte”: which means sebum is kept under control, but still looks nicely moisturised.
We’re so glad that Shiseido really nails it with this formulation – living in Singapore is really a dichotomy of walking around in makeup-melting temperatures, then running into almost-freezing air-conditioned offices to dodge the heat. And now, there’s a foundation that gets it. We’ve tried it and it looks great on the skin, plus lasts through the day; so you’ll definitely want to hold on tight to this.
Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Film Liquid UV Foundation, $70. Available at Shiseido counters. shiseido.com.sg