Your Chance To Detox And Slim Down The Healthy Way

You’ll definitely find Cheryl Wee a familiar face – besides being an ambassador of the Jean Yip group of beauty service providers (her mum’s Jean Yip herself), you might have also seen her on the small screens in local productions such as Mata Mata and The Journey: Our Homeland. She has also always looked good in front of the camera, having both photogenic features and a slim figure, all the makings of a modern-day celebrity.

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But Cheryl’s backstory is one that is lesser known: In order to meet industry expectations of her weight and how she should look on camera, she tried crash dieting and exercising some years back, using all sorts of methods that went as extreme as subsisting on just three cups of oatmeal in a day. All of this led to side effects like missing her periods and being at risk of imbalanced blood sugar levels; and of course, all of this just wasn’t a sustainable or healthy way of life.
Since then, Cheryl’s thankfully abandoned those practices, but these experiences means she definitely knows a thing or two about not relying on crash diets and unrealistic exercise plans to lose weight fast; and hence the mantra behind Cheryl W, her wellness and weight management brand is “Not just a quick fix”. The services offered at Cheryl W are all about toning and sculpting bodies with their tailor-made treatment programmes, together with a menu of drinks that are formulated to gradually ease the body into weight loss mode. The Flush, Radiant and Strength ranges are made up of natural teas that help with detox and energy boosting, the Sparkle line eases bloating, while the Full Again drinks are meant to be light meal replacements.
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If we had to recommend one programme to try at Cheryl W should you be thinking of starting on a weight loss programme – the healthy way! – we would choose the Signature Royal Body Flush Treatment. As the name suggests, its focus is flushing the body of toxins and burning fat that way, while also improving the metabolism rate so the body can burn calories quicker. The therapists at Cheryl W will take note to customise the treatment for each individual of course, since no two bodies are made entirely the same – as each person’s body requirements are different, individual treatment procedures may differ.
Based on your areas of concern, a customised machine will be applied to these areas to address issues such as bloating, water retention or cellulite. This therapy is risk-free, pain-free and non-invasive. Then, you get to relax in an Aromatic Steam Bath, which opens up the pores in preparation for the customised body polish and lymphatic massage that follows – a customised scrub used for the body polish removes water retention and toxins while boosting blood circulation so skin can be renewed, while the lymphatic massage helps your lymph nodes filter out all the nasty toxins from the body better. End off with the Thermal Heat Therapy, which cuts excess weight by sweating out the toxins and raising the heart rate to burn more calories. Here’s some math we can really appreciate: one session on the thermal blankets used at Cheryl W is equal to doing one hour of non-stop exercise.
Then, bring home the Dark Plum Natural Cleanse Drink from the Flush range, which clears out the digestive system and eases water retention to aid along the weight loss process naturally. With plum powder, honey powder and senna tea among the ingredients, its the kind of “healthy drink” we wouldn’t mind downing every day, since it tastes pretty good as well.
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We’re thankful what Cheryl W advocates is health, because crash diets and excessive exercising never spell anything good for our bodies. Give it a try by heading to this link to redeem 3 sessions of the Signature Body Flush Treatment at $68* (usual price $1,080), and experience for yourself how good it feels to flush all the toxins out of your body, leaving you with a toned, sculpted figure to boost your confidence – which is what Cheryl still believes is the best kind of accessory.

*Terms and conditions apply. For first time female customers above 21 years old. Strictly by appointment booking. Treatment sessions are not transferable. One trial purchase per customer. Not valid with other promotions, discounts and/or vouchers. Not exchangeable for other services and products. Valid at all Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management outlets. Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.


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