2000s Trends: What We Hated And What’s Back (And Improved)

Let’s talk about trends.
Most are pretty okay – in the moment, that is – until a decade has passed and we’re suddenly looking back with horror at our unwise fashion choices. And clearly, on hindsight the 2000s was a dangerous time, with fashion evolving at its strangest and bringing us and celebrities down with it. While we’re at it, here’s a look at what we’ve decided were officially the worst trends ever – ones we’re so thankful are dead and gone.
Galaxy Print

Image from Instagram

This one tops our list, for its hideous mishmash of elements of the solar system that tried to pass off as fashionably abstract. Worst forms include leggings and hi-low skirts; traces of this print still lurk in Bugis Street, so be careful.
Image from Instagram

Just like with galaxy print, we must have been obsessed to have ever found paddlepop print even remotely attractive. More aesthetically vague than artistically conceptual, maybe it was the heat then, that made us think of paddlepop ice cream and subsequently clothing inspired by it; or maybe said heat just got to us and frazzled our sense of reasoning.
Rhinestone anything
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.40.23 AM
Image from YouTube

Back when the world didn’t realise it’s equally harmful to OD on bedazzling. It’s a blasphemy that rhinestones are even still in production today.
Cargo pants
A trademark of singers of the moment, we’re guessing (think Avril Lavigne, the Spice Girls, J. Lo), whom we unfortunately took style advice from. We suppose it’s because they were so comfy to wear back then, all low-slung bagginess and actual functional pockets; but really, these did nothing for the figure. Thank goodness for culottes today!

But enough about that; no one likes to reminisce bad memories. Here are some 2000s trends that did make a welcome comeback, in the most glamorous, accessible way possible.
TS61T20JBLK_Zoom_F_1   elitrend-1562-948094-1
L: Topshop, $13.90 | R: Zalora, $9.90

We’ve gone on endlessly about the revival of this 90s – early 2000s trend, but with good reason. Chokers in every material – satin, velvet, wire even – add an alluring touch to any outfit, especially when paired to accentuate your collarbone. Just steer clear from the beaded chokers; we’re not sure if we’re ready to welcome gaudy bling back into our lives.
Bootcut/flared jeans
13113935_1996402940585527_1472923159_n  6164093406_1_1_1
Left image from Instagram (@chiaraferragni) | TRY Mid-rise flared jeans from Zara, $69.90

It took some getting used to (and recovering from late 2000s trauma), but the flared, wide-legged jean appears to be well and truly back – and blowing up the fashion world. For a distinction between the 2000s trend and now, opt for a high-waist pair instead, to correct proportions and further elongate your legs.
Slip dresses
Image from Instagram (@rumineely)

These made their debut on the red carpet early into 2000 – but somehow just seemed a little off. We blame the unflattering bodycon-ish silhouettes made worse by overly shiny satin fabrics. Today, the cheeky slip has been remodeled into a daytime-appropriate wardrobe staple that’s not only flattering, but comfortable enough to hide a food baby too.
Layering tops
Satin dress from Bershka, $49.90

Fashion works in layers, whether it’s close to 20 years ago or in the present. These days, we’re partial to a casually layered t-shirt and spaghetti strap combo – chic and street yet still light enough to rock in Singapore.
These are exciting times, people.