June 20, 2016

We know some of you just don’t see the point in stashing up on lipsticks in various colours when you have just one pair of lips. But think about it – a pop of colour on your face actually switches up your entire look, and with just the right colour, you can look refreshed and polished even if you’re feeling dead inside. We’ve rounded up 4 lipstick colours you need to have, especially if you’ve been sticking to the same few colours this whole time.

1. Reds

Red Taylor Swift

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It’s safe to say that we have all been jealous of Taylor Swift at least once, whether it was the close relationship she has with her cats, her incredible beaus, or her long legs. But for sure, the one thing she has on all of us is the iconic swipe of her red lipstick.

Red lips are definitely an essential in your make up stash, and if you haven’t puckered the courage to try the signature red, you should start now. For those who aren’t comfortable with a bold red lip just yet, start off with a lip pencil or stain and apply them on your lips with your fingers for a more subdued shade.


Try M.A.C Velvetease Lip Pencil in Reddy To Go, $36, available at M.A.C counters.


2. Purples

Purple Kathleen Lights

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A dark lip is the best statement accessory you can have to complete your look. Whether you are in a neutral or dark ensemble, a vampy lip definitely complements. However, be careful not to overdo the look by wearing an eyeshadow shade that clashes – try neutral tones for the safest option.

For those who are easing into the purple look, try a gloss or tint for a subtle pop. Dark colours like these should be applied with precision – and hence we’ll recommend matte liquid lipsticks for a better application. If you prefer the normal lipsticks, try swiping a cotton bud across the colour and apply it on your lips. Then line your lips carefully with a lip pencil for a sharp and defined look.

Tarte purple

Try Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Hangary, $30, available at Sephora.

3. Mauve

Zendaya mauve

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The easiest shade to wear if you are running late and have no time to fret and fuss about ~the face~ you’re going for today. Mauve is essentially a gorgeous mix of pink and brown, and serves as the perfect in between these two common colours. Sometimes also known as dusty rose, you’ll recognise these lipsticks as a subtle pink, with a hint of gray or brown. To be honest, this muted shade is nothing vibrant or lively, but the beauty lies in its dullness – it’s a classic and sophisticated colour to swipe on for an everyday look. These mauve lipsticks are probably a hot favourite amongst older ladies, due to its neutral shade that’s really work appropriate and flattering at the same time. The best thing about this shade is that you can really go all out for your eye make up and contouring.

Time to dig your Mum’s lipstick stash for a trove of the good stuff.

Nars Mauve

Try Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anna, $44, available at Sephora.


4. Brown

Gigi brown

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The humble brown lips from the ’90s made its way back to present day – and trust us, we couldn’t be more glad. We’ve all seen and envied the elusive looks of a flawlessly applied brown lip and a flattering complexion on many celebrities; but we’re all left with a lingering question in our heads, “can we really pull this off?” The short answer is yes, but here’s the truth – the key to pull off this lip is to find the right shade of brown.

Start off with a subtle beige-brown tint or lip pencil for an easy application. For those of you with lighter skin tones, try not to go for deep browns that might be too much of a contrast against your fair complexion. You might want to mix the browns with another nude or pink lipstick for a look that’s not too harsh. If you’ve darker skin, be brave and fight the intimidation – go for a deep brown or a dark burgundy that will really bring attention to your eyes.

Marc Jacobs Brown

Try Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Mahogany 232, $42, available at Sephora.



Illustration by Carina Foo.