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June 29, 2016

Video may have killed the radio star, but that doesn’t mean the music industry isn’t as booming as ever, particularly when music videos have so much to offer. While it is and will always be, ultimately, all about the music, even the Queen B herself knows that the visuals have grown to be just as essential as a good track. But the huge pool of talent means that musicians have to create increasingly stunning and eye-catching videos, from the craziest ideas to simply returning to the black-and-white style of past eras. We rounded up five of the most innovative ones we’ve seen so far for your viewing pleasure – no Beyoncé here because, let’s face it, she already rules this domain.


Darwin Deez – The Mess She Made

New York’s Darwin Deez – adorably named after their frontman – takes things back to basics by playing around with perspective and a modest amount of face paint. The American Indie rockers keep the concept of the video interesting by experimenting with various types of currency and angles. Even more amusingly, Deez’s moustache and curly hair somehow blend perfectly with most of the people on the bills.


OK Go – Needing/Getting

It was definitely hard to pick just one OK Go music video for this list. Every single one of their videos boasts innovation, hard work and a truly dedicated team. But Needing/Getting features lead singer Damian Kulash singing while pulling some pretty impressive turns on a Chevy Sonic, and the car itself also plays the longest row of guitars you’ll probably ever see in your life. Everything was reportedly recorded live, which is admirable when you consider how crisp the sound quality is.


Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

We’re not entirely sure what “getting a little bit Genghis Khan” means, but apparently to Miike Snow, it involves one of the most amazing lip-sync and dance routines of all time. The production value of this music video is definitely heartening, particularly the costumes and the meticulous details of the set, from the control panel to that giant laser pointed at our captured spy. Oh yeah, and that ending is definitely worth it.


Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Live)

Yup, you read that right, this entire music video was recorded completely live as the band played onstage for the YouTube Music Awards (YTMA). The most fascinating thing about this is probably how seamless everything managed to run, and you really forget that all the sets were crammed together on a stage in front of an audience. Actress Greta Gerwig also delivers a dance that perfectly melds awkwardness with intense emotion – it’s hard not to feel delighted as she dances her pain away. Hearing the surge of the crowd as the camera pulls out at the end is also incredibly satisfying.


Alessia Cara – Here

While Alessica Cara’s voice is honestly perfect on its own, the music video for Here features some pretty nifty camera tricks. The secret behind freezing frames in time? String, apparently. Lots and lots of string, and a whole bunch of dedicated extras. The moody lighting also helps highlight the isolation Cara sings about – if you’ve ever been at a party you didn’t want to go to, you’ll probably get this video 100%.


Featured Image: Darwin Deez – The Mess She Made (YouTube)