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June 9, 2016

There’s something about colour-changing lipsticks that gets everyone excited, and that’s why they’ve been such an enduring beauty trend since they first burst into the collective consciousness way back in the 90s, when they were first all the rage. And one of the most iconic colour-changing lipstick has to be Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick, which is pretty much as the name says: magic. It’s a potent black on the tube, but on the lips, it transforms into a flattering rosebud pink to create the effect of just-bitten lips.

noir revelateur

This year, as part of Givenchy’s all-new Rouge Interdit Vinyl lipstick range, we’re getting a bit more Magic in our lives, in the form of the Rouge Interdit Vinyl in the same shade name, Noir Révélateur. The main differences in this new addition is the finish of the lipstick: the Rouge Interdit Vinyl is all about extreme shine and a plumped up effect, so if you like to wear your lips extra glossy, you’ll appreciate this 2016 version of the Noir Révélateur. The main ingredient in the Rouge Interdit Vinyl range is the mysterious-sounding black rose oil, which is what ensures moisture and comfort stays on the lips for hours without icky stickiness. There are 15 other shades to choose from on top of the Noir Révélateur, so your lips can make an impact in plenty of other ways – but the black will definitely be a staple for us.


Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl, $48. Available at Givenchy counters and Sephora.