June 14, 2016

Dilemma: To rock animal print as and when you want, or risk looking tacky? With so many weirdly off-point animal print concoctions out on the market today, it’s easy to shy away from such a bold, in-your-face print. And yet, somewhere deep down inside all of us, lies the secret yearning to be able to pull off animal preenz – even better than Riz Low herself. Of course a big part of wearing animal print is choosing the right prints, in the right colour combinations – monochromatic is usually the way to go; while you’ll want to steer clear of full-on leopard. Still, co-ordinates can be a tricky business, so we narrowed down our top ways to wearing animal print, without looking like you just raided This Fashion.


1. Bodysuits

Somehow, having the print plastered to your body makes it a little more acceptable to rock a bold print – we’re guessing that’s how the appeal of bodycons works too. Either way, we’d pick a figure-flattering graphic print over loose, baggy sleeves (note: chiffon is evil) any day.

TS04F20JMON_Zoom_M_2 688627_alt1

L-R: Topshop Mono Rio-Life Body, $39.90; River Island Cream Snake Print Bodysuit£28


2. Collared shirts

Just like how a neat, tight body lessens the impact of animal print, a collar always helps to smarten up any daring pattern. (Tip: works for other bold prints that aren’t just creature-inspired.) Take a walk on the wild side with a vintage cropped shirt, or go airy and resort-style with a lightweight collared tunic.

TS13W08JIVR_Zoom_F_1   TS13W08JIVR_Zoom_M_3

Topshop Animal Jacquard Short Sleeve Shirt, $89.90


3. Wear a skirt – but break it up

It’s tempting to wear a full skirt or dress in animal print, but here’s us fervently stopping you before you commit social suicide. A full print covering at least half the body will overwhelm any stature, which leaves you looking frumpy and larger than you are. Instead of drowning in fabric and print, make a compromise and find bottoms that break up the continuous print – either through construction details like a slit in the side, or a new pattern or pop of colour.

image1xxl (7)  image4xxl (3)

L-R: ASOS Wrap Maxi Skirt in Animal Print, £25; ASOS Animal Print Pleated Midi Skirt£42


4. Keep it subtle

And our all-time favourite way of rocking animal print – shoes! The devil’s in the details, so keep ’em down to your toes for a statement that’s subtle but still different. We particularly like a good snake print, which always looks classy, whether they’re slithering around your ankles in a sexy lace-up shoe or a casual everyday espadrille.

1070131201_1_1_3  2805102201_2_4_1

L-R: Bershka Tied Ballerina Shoes, $59.90; Zara Animal Print Espadrilles, $69.90, both available in stores