How To Get In On The Androgynous Trend

The androgynous fashion isn’t something that’s new. Though we can’t simply put a point to how it was sparked off, the androgynous fashion movement started mostly due to the desire to overthrow gender stereotypes and conventions. Meant to be a gender binding movement, many in the past dressed in this fashion to celebrate gender fluidity and ambiguity. Fast forward today, we see women dressed androgynously everywhere – on the runways and on the streets as well. While it might be daunting at first, we’ll get you started with some basic tips. Ditch your dresses and skirts for a week and make a statement yourself.
1. Invest in a good blazer

Blazer 2 ZaraBlazer zara
Zara, $69.90.

Whether it is oversized or slim-cut, a tailored blazer will always come in handy. We know it’s hot in Singapore, so it’ll be optimal if you could get a quality blazer that’s lightweight too.
2. You’ll never go wrong with a collared shirt

Mango shirtMango shirt 2
Mango, $29.90.

Ditch the notion that only men can wear buttoned down collar shirts – you can too! A simple collared shirt can easily take you from the office to a night out. If you’re feeling fancier, incorporate loud prints in your coordinate; or opt for something striped.
3. A pair of trousers matches with everything!

Trousers ZaraTrousers 2 Zara
Zara, $69.90.

We’d expect you to scoff at this – “wearing pants is so normal! that’s not androgyny at all!” Why yes, while we wouldn’t really consider wearing pants as the ultimate form of androgynous styling, remember this; wearing pants was considered to be a controversial matter in the past. To make your coordinate look more polished and presentable, we’ll recommend you to get a pair of slim cut trousers – high waisted ones are a plus point. For the petite ladies, do shop at petite sections for a better fit! Wearing trousers that aren’t at the right length will cause you to look really sloppy and messy instead. Altering is the key.
4. Shoes maketh the outfit

Dr MartsTopshop loafers
Dr Martens, $189. Topshop, $139.

Swap out your heels and sandals for a pair of loafers instead. Depending on your personal preference, chunky loafers would go really well with tapered pants that reveal your socks. Alternatively, you could also go for a classic pair of slim loafers for a sophisticated look.