June 16, 2016

We’ll admit that we were never really into the whole idea of wearing chokers as an everyday outfit. It seems daunting to be wearing something so high up our necks and risk looking like we belonged in a circus party. Besides, not everybody can pull of the “goth chic” look that the chokers embodied in the 90s. However, after seeing endless pictures of celebrities or even strangers wearing them, we realised that hey, they aren’t that bad after all! When styled properly, chokers can actually be incorporated into your daily looks as well and we’ve zeroed in on some ways to style the choker:

1. Collared shirts

Button down

Aimee Song, instagram.com/songofstyle. Pull & Bear, $29.90. Topshop, $79.90.

One of the easiest ways to pull off a choker effortlessly. Layer your chokers with other necklaces and pendents, or with a piece of printed cloth tied around your neck. Either way, you’ll never go wrong with this classic look. Of course, be sure to layer an appropriate amount, without any colour clashes. Also, since you’re wearing a shirt that covers your shoulders, avoid wearing a thick choker and risk looking like you’re missing a neck.

2. Bare shoulders

Off shoulder

Lily-Rose Depp, instagram.com/lilyrose_depp. Asos, $13.27.

Wearing a tube or an off shoulder with a choker not only accentuates your collarbones, it gives the illusion or a slimmer neck and small shoulders. Also, it prevents you from looking too bare and simple on top, which is a plus point for night outs or even for formal events.


choker dress


3. A simple dress
For those who are just easing into the frightening trove of chokers, start off with a simple choker dress of a neutral shade. A choker dress already comes with a neck design that will save you the hassle of matching a necklace with your dress. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the look, go ahead and delve straight in – pick out a midi dress and pair that with a thin choker that will help you look polished yet edgy at the same time.

Asos, $50.86.





Zara jacket



4. An oversized denim jacket
Denim will never, never go wrong. Stick to the basics as you know it – a cropped top or a plain T-shirt (remember: something that flaunt your collarbones!) with an oversized jacket gives off a relaxed silhouette that’s not too overwhelming. If you’re going to be wearing something simple underneath, you could pair them with a more intricately designed choker; think metal chokers or one with a small pendent. The key to this look is not to overwhelm your coordinate with too much, so stick to thinner chokers and lesser prints.

Zara, $49.90.