June 9, 2016

Well, Apple had a good run with it’s increasingly thin laptops, but there’s a new one in town. Raising the bar for premium PC experience, HP recently announced the HP Spectre a.k.a. the world’s thinnest laptop, and it’s definitely the light-weight laptop of your dreams.

HP Spectre (2)HP Spectre (3)

With it’s aluminium frame at just 10.4mm – that’s as thin as an AAA-battery – the total weight of the notebook is a mere 1.11kg. But users of the HP Spectre need not worry about compromising on performance for style. The laptop’s powerful Intel Core i5 and i7 processors promise lightning-fast speeds, and users can also expect 512 GB of storage with up to 8 GB of RAM for maximum performance.

HP Spectre (4)


But here comes the all-important factor of electronics: battery life. You’d think that a thinner laptop would need to be charged more frequently, but that’s not the case with the HP Spectre. The laptop boasts an innovative hybrid battery that’s split into two thinner pieces, ultimately delivering the same wattage as a single battery for up to nine and a half hours of battery life. So you don’t have to panic about your laptop dying on you as you’re finishing that last presentation slide on the ride to work, the HP Spectre promises to be there for you.
13.3″ diagonal HP Spectre, priced from $2,299 onwards, available in Singapore from June 2016. hp.com/sg