Jumpsuits: The Most Underrated Item In Your Wardrobe

“You’ll never wear it out” is always the first nagging thought that pops in our minds when we all have that real urge to purchase a great jumpsuit. Cue the silent debate we all have with ourselves, as we hold on so relentlessly, to this piece of clothing we really want; but always end up succumbing to our fears of looking like a wreck in them. We’ll admit it’s difficult to get started with this piece; but let’s be honest here – we’re all really bored of the same ol’ dresses and coordinates we put together. It’s high time we try to slip into one of these good stuff, because not only do they effortlessly make a complete outfit, they are also pretty convenient (other than when nature calls…) especially if you’re not a fan of matching separate pieces. Here are some ways you can make the humble jumpsuit work:
1. Culottes

Zara flareBershka culottes
Zara, $59.90. Bershka, $55.90.

For days you’re feeling extra lazy and lounge-y, a jumpsuit that’s reminiscent of your favourite pair of culottes will definitely come in handy. These culotte-styled jumpsuits are essentially the most comfortable ones you’ll see around due to its cropped length and wide leg fit. For the jumpsuit newbies, you’ll be able to find comfort in this easy-going style.
2. Long and flared

hnm flare Zara halter
H&M, $49.90. Zara, $99.90.

Another piece that’s easy to style. These jumpsuits features a flare cut and are either floor or ankle length. Essentially, these flow-y pieces are great for either a casual evening out or special occasions; it all depends on its neckline and the shoes you’re wearing. Furthermore, these look like maxi dresses from afar, which is always a plus if you’re intimated by the idea of wearing a full-fledged jumpsuit.
3. Waisted details

Topshop jumpsuit belted Asos belted
Topshop, $116. Asos, $110.61.

If you’re afraid that a jumpsuit might highlight unflattering lumps and bumps, go for one with a sash or belt around the waist to hide them discreetly. Furthermore, these belted details help to add definition to your figure, which is always a plus. We’ll recommend all the petite ladies to always search for a jumpsuit with waisted details, so you won’t risk looking like the outfit has swallowed you whole.
4. Pinafore styled

bershka dungaree missguided
Bershka, $69.90. Missguided, US$56.52.

These are definitely intimidating to style; especially when you have to put extra effort into deciding the accompanying top you’re layering it over. We’ll keep it simple – always pair them with a basic T-shirt or cropped top in complementing colours and you’ll never go wrong. If you’re dying to try the trend but too afraid to do so, a black denim dungaree will be our easiest bet. Pair these with white sneakers on your dressed down days and you’ll still look well put together.
5. Tailored

asos tailored
Asos, $55.31.

We’ll admit that tailored jumpsuits are the hardest ones to pull off, but they are effortlessly the perfect coordinate for any formal or special events. Sophisticated and classy, these are easily the best alternatives when you don’t feel like donning on the boring black dress you’ve always been wearing. Since the pants are structured and more tight-fitting than usual, balance your silhouette well with a pair of heels. If you’re afraid of looking too catwoman-ish, always go for a design that features a loose sleeved top; but if you’ve found the perfect one with a plunging neckline or a halter, always pair it with a blazer to avoid looking too bare.