June 2, 2016

While Florence is known to draw couples destined for a romantic getaway, the story of how it came to be the flooded city is undeniably tragic. In 1966, the city was flooded by the Arno River, causing the deaths of 101 people, along with massive damage and destruction, particularly to a large number of masterpieces of art and rare books. However, once word spread of the flood, many young people lent their aid during the disaster, coming from all over the world to help rebuild Florence.

History, it seems, has a habit of repeating itself. The current refugee crisis presents a challenge that our generation is compelled to face, and LUISAVIAROMA’s highly anticipated event – Firenze4Ever – is extending its hand in aid. Organised for the first time in June 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LUISAVIAROMA.COM, the bi-annual event brings together fashion, music, design and contemporary art. This year, being held in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Florence flood, the event’s theme of “Underwater Love” will be the inspiration for numerous project and exhibitions around the Arno River. The event also aims to raise public awareness for the refugee crisis, and will feature several charity events.

Here’s what to expect at the event from 13-17 June:


Everything Starts With A Hug
This project foresees welcoming, training and employing migrants within companies from various sectors. The companies involved in this initiative will commit to donate a contribution based on their annual turnover, assign professionals to support the training courses and employ a number of migrants who have taken part in this training.

The Bridge of Love
Conceived and designed by architect Claudio Nardi, this installation symbolises the will to provide hope to people in difficult situations. The conceptual installation features the two banks of the river connected by floating cubes on suspended bridges. The bridge will be inaugurated on the 13th of June with a gala dinner and VIP Lounge, where guests will be able to enjoy performances from international music artists during the Underwater Love Party. All proceeds from the gala dinner will be donated to The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) – in particular, the Lifeline Jordan project that provides direct economic assistance for families of Syrian refugees who have found asylum in Jordan.

Design on Water
Following the inauguration, the Bridge of Love will be used as a high concept exhibition space from 14-17 June. The exhibition, Design on Water will feature numerous designers, artists and galleries and their interpretations of the theme “Underwater Love”. Six cubes will be outfitted with various interpretations of water: a symbol of destruction and renewal, hope and solidarity. Visitors will also be guided through the exhibition with the curation of LUISAVIAROMA.

LUISAVIAROMA, 13th Edition of Firenze4Ever: Underwater Love, 13-17 June, “Design on Water” open from 14 – 17 June, 6pm – 10pm, Entrance at Lungarno Serristori – Piazza Poggi. More information available at the event website.