Kate moss feature

June 3, 2016

If we were given a choice to raid any celebrity’s closet, it will definitely be Kate Moss. Even after 25 years, the innumerable influence she holds over the fashion world still remains ubiquitous today. We all remember the dark times when we broke our banks for Kate Moss for Topshop and when she took over our lives with her collaboration for the Mango Fall 2015 campaign with Cara Delevingne. Finally, the fateful day has arrived; Kate Moss is back again with another awesome collaboration — this time with the illustrious brand, Equipment. Exclusively available on NET-A-PORTER, this collection will only be around for a limited period of just two weeks. Act fast now; even if it means splurging a little because come on, it’s Kate Moss.

Combining Equipment’s modern androgynous luxe fashion and the inimitable style of the British fashion icon, we wouldn’t expect any less from Kate Moss for Equipment. Get down to nostalgia with the bold statements that Moss embodied in the 1990s – from her waifish dresses, to the grungy ‘heroin chic’ fashion and the classic trademark looks that will never go out of style. Even though we are all unable to achieve her size zero figure, we can now live vicariously with this collection of clothing.

With Moss at the helm of the creative direction, we get an intimate glimpse of her private world. Shot in black and white at her secluded country estate in the Cotsworld, the campaign features Susie Cave, the wife of the musician and artist Nick Cave, and Ella Richards, the granddaughter of The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards – fully bringing Moss’s elegance to live.

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From bold pieces to basic wardrobe staples, this collection easily appeals to all. Look forward to some of the quintessential pieces that the British fashion icon wore – slinky slip dresses, leopard prints and wide leg trousers. This collection also features David Bowie-inspired lightning bold prints that lends edginess and eccentricity to these exclusive pieces. Featuring a rich colour palette consisting of mainly staple colours such as red, black, white and grey, Moss infuses her iconic flair and style throughout the collection, while maintaining Equipment’s signature looks. We especially love the olive military jacket that will definitely go well with the slip dresses, and the leopard prints trousers that can be worn when we feel ~fancy~. Ugh, decisions. Looks like it’s time to dig out our savings (again).



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Kate Moss for Equipment, available now, exclusively at net-a-porter.com.