Sum 41

June 30, 2016

The golden days of 2000s just came screaming back to us in the form of our all-time favourite rock bands. Sure, we might be caught up with music these days (and the drama that comes with it), but ultimately, there’s always something about old bands that sets them apart. Call it the year of comebacks (read: Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool); there’s just so much to look forward to.

1. Sum 41’s new album

13 Voices (web)

The Canadian rock band Sum 41 is finally back with a brand new album, “13 Voices”, that is set to release on 7 October via Hopeless Records. With previous hits such as “With Me” and “Pieces”, it was a wave of nostalgia as we tuned in to their latest music video of “Fake My Own Death”, the first listen off their album. Even after a five year hiatus, we were still pleasantly surprised by Sum 41’s comeback. We especially love how the music video incorporates hilarious memes and cartoon effects, amidst the rather serious tone of the song. The band, while playing, were seen being attacked by some of the Internet’s most famous memes and iconic figures such as Kim Kardashian’s booty, Donald Trump, Nyan Cat and Miley Cyrus, to name a few. Watch the video here:

Pre-Order Sum 41’s new album on iTunes.


2. Simple Plan returns to Singapore


This is not a drill. To promote their latest album, “Taking One for the Team”, Simple Plan will be stopping by South-East Asia and Singapore’s one of their stops. It’s been over four years since they last performed here in Singapore and we’re finally getting to relive the good ol’ days with all too familiar jams that everybody knows by heart. We’re hoping they will be gracing our ears with ballads from our teenage angst days such as “Perfect” and “Welcome To My Life”. While we all wait eagerly for the concert that’s happening in September, here’s some Simple Plan goodness for you folks; their latest music video for “Singing In The Rain”. While its mildly different from the usual style we’re used to, it’s still Simple Plan afterall, and we love them all the same.


3. The Strokes – “Threat of Joy” official music video
The Strokes returns with a new album, “Future Present Past”, featuring three original songs, each representing the future, present and the past. Of course, it’s always hard to live up to their famous singles such as “Last Nite” and “You Only Live Once”; but once again, The Strokes manages to bring back our fondest memories of them by incorporating their captivating guitar tunes and soulful music. Watch Julian Casablancas show off his charismatic vocal performance in this stunning music video here: