June 2, 2016

Here’s one reason to head down to Isetan this weekend – the all-time favourite Hokkaido Fair is back, and happening at three Isetan Singapore outlets! Like the rest of this food-crazed island, we’re a huge fan of Japanese cuisine; whether it’s fresh sashimi as raw as your untended feelings, or sweet and fluffy street snacks made with fresh Hokkaido milk – we’re there. Expect tons of yums at this year’s Hokkaido Fair then, which takes place over the course of a month to bring you your favourite Hokkaido snacks, plus some exciting new additions.



The Hokkaido Fair 2016 will take place at three different locations:

3 to 14 June: Isetan Scotts Supermarket
17 to 28 June: Isetan Tampines, Tampines Mall Level 1 Atrium
1 to 10 July: Isetan Jurong East Supermarket

And there’s tons to see and eat.


For one, don’t be surprised to find that the fair isn’t just about food. A highlight at the Hokkaido fair is Hokkaido Junbayu Honpo’s famed horse oil (hear us out) that’s a hit in Japan for being an excellent moisturising skincare product. The formula contains premium horse placenta serum made of essence extracted from pure Hokkaido thoroughbred racing horses, and helps with cell regeneration, for both adults and children.





But of course, you’re here reading this to check out the munchies on offer; and we aim to please. Aside from the usual raw fish and seafood, check out Yamacho – for seasoned scallops with a mild but sweet taste, perfect as a side dish for sake and wine (also available at the Fair); or a refreshing main all on its own.






And for those with a sweet tooth – a huge fave is *Hokkaido Kokubo, which sells pumpkin tarts and roll cakes in a variety of frozen options. Made with Hokkaido fresh milk as the main ingredient, both desserts are bonafide crowd-pleasers with their rich tastes and smooth textures. The roll cakes, in particular, come in an assortment of flavours like chocolate, milk, green tea, and rare cheese; but we’ve heard good things about the Mochi Mochi Roll Cake – layered with fresh cream for the perfect sinful treat.


*Not available at Isetan Scotts (3 to 14 June)



Plus, a new addition primed to be a big hit at the Fair is the *Sapporo Hiragishi; less beer and more family-friendly snack, we’re surprised to find. Named after a subway station in Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan, the brand’s prime offering is juice jelly and soy bean puddings – for those who just want a light tease to the taste buds.

The juice jelly is 100% juice from Hokkaido and available in six different flavours (go for the peach, we’ve been told); plus, it’s even suitable for 6-month old babies. The soy bean puddings are made using Hokkaido soy beans, and come in mango, strawberry, and melon flavours. It’s a no-brainer that the Hokkaido melon is the most popular here in Singapore, but obviously we’re still going to try everything.


*Not available at Isetan Scotts (3 to 14 June)