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June 16, 2016

After facing a fall in sales and profit for the very first time in the first quarter of 2016, Apple tries to get back into the game with their biggest release yet – the iOS 10 update. Every time Apple drops something big like this, there’s bound to be some crazy changes that not everybody’s going to love. I for one still can’t get used to my iPhone 6s that’s too large for my tiny hands but absolutely love the new 3D Touch. The huge iOS 10 update consists of several major changes and before you get into a heated debate about team Samsung or team Apple with your friends, we’ve rounded up a list of things we love and hate about the new update.

What we love:

1. The Siri Change
Siri is finally opening up to third party developers like WhatsApp, WeChat and Uber. Yes, you’ll be able to use Siri to activate non-Apple applications and functions via the voice control. Siri is going to be much more useful than just a weird sassy voice you talk to when you’re bored at home. This change also means good news when you have something urgent to say but you’re not free to do so, i.e while driving.

2. QuickType
We’re hoping it’s going to be a vast improvement to the rather unimpressive QuickType keyboard we’d much rather disable. According to Apple, the new QuickType will be able to bring in data from other apps to craft faster responses. For example, your phone will automatically generate your location when your friend asks where you are. We’re not sure if they will be able to understand acronyms like “WRU” though.

3. Messages
Messages are getting a refreshing revamp, and this update is definitely meant for those of you who type using loads of emoji, so much that your parents or friends actually have to call and ask about your intended meaning. Well good news, there will be predictive emojis and your emojis are also about to get three times bigger. Furthermore, your phone can now scan the message and highlight words that could be replaced with an emoji. For an emoji hater like me, this sounds extremely hellish.

Full screen effects

The gamechanger that’s got everybody writhing in excitement. There will be full-screen visual effects (confetti or even fireworks) and speech bubble effects for a dramatic pop or smaller bubbles if you want to say something “softly”. Also, you now have the ability to write in an “invisible ink”, a blurred bubble that only becomes revealed when the recipient swipes it. Now you have the power to send your friends into a nervous mess with just a message.

To be completely truthful, I’m a little iffy about this one. But for its cool graphics and impressive technology, Apple deserves a thumbs up. Besides, it will be rather entertaining and fun to play around with.

4. HomeKit


You can now take control of all the connected HomeKit-enabled devices with just your phone. You can lock the door, dim the lights, and switch on the television with just a tap on your phone. The Home app actually does help you minimise work at home, except that it can’t cook your dinner and wash your clothes. We’ll wait, Apple. We’ll wait.

5. Deletable apps
I can already hear a resounding “hell yes”. Apple is finally getting rid of their most annoying feature till date – their stock apps that we stash in a dark corner of our phone and forget about instantly. You can now delete apps such as News, Watch, Mail, Reminders, Tips, Compass and more. Apple has finally admitted that their some of their stock apps are pretty much useless.


What we hate:

1. Lock screen changes

Lock Screen

Apple announced the “raise to wake” function in their latest update, which basically helps you avoid missing your notifications on the lock screen. Like the name suggest, your phone immediately lights up once you lift your phone. Incorporating its 3D Touch technology, there will be a ton of things you can do easily on your lock screen such as: opening up your calendar schedule and staying in a message thread. We know all that sounds much more convenient for users, and honestly, it really is! But what strikes me as bizarre is that there really isn’t any privacy on our phones now. The 4-digit password we have on our lock screen essentially becomes redundant if messages could be easily read without even going into the home screen. And really, the “raise to wake” function will just drain the battery life even more drastically.

Let’s get honest Apple; the one thing we are really concerned about is the damned battery life.



Images from the WWDC 2016 Keynote.


  • duoboy

    Brzydkie. Bez polotu. Bez pomysłu. Czym to zasługuje na numer 10? Przypomnijmy sobie jaką rewolucją był MAC OSX… A dziś? Wstyd!