June 3, 2016

TGIF takes on an extra special meaning today, because 3rd June marks the start of the Great Singapore Sale. So it’s time to gear up for battling the crushing crowds in the shopping malls to spot the best deals this edition of the GSS has to offer – it’s every man and woman for themselves.

But we’re here to help you navigate the mind-boggling plethora of tempting discounts, starting with all the good deals you should be taking full advantage of at MUJI Singapore, where the GSS promos will be running from today till 27 June. “Good” might not even cut it here – we’re talking up to 50% off across product categories including apparel, household items, stationery and health & beauty products, all staple items we definitely have every excuse to stock up on now that they’re going at significantly lower prices. To make it easier for you to zoom in straight on the best deals, we’ve listed them all out for you here, because we’re always about making shopping efficient.

Men and Women’s Double Gauze Series: less 30% (U.P. $49-$69)

This Double Gauze series is one of those times that it’s cool to wear your clothes a little wrinkled. The material is made by weaving together tightly twisted cotton yarn, which makes for an airy fabric that’s a godsend in our humidity.

double gauze 1 double gauze 2 double gauze 3

double gauze 4 double gauze 5


Men and Women’s Denim Shirts: less 30% (U.P. $59-$69)

A good denim shirt (or two, or three) should be a staple in any wardrobe, so if you lack one, this is the best time to get some from MUJI. They have a range of washes from light to dark, so get a few shirts in multiple washes, and you’ll have a denim shirt to match anything.

denim 1 denim 2 denim 3
denim 4 denim 5


Men and Women’s Brushed Slip-On Shoes: less 30% (U.P. $69)
(available in MUJI ION Orchard, Paragon, 313@Somerset and VivoCity only)

Slip-on shoes are another necessity of ours because there’re easy to wear and crazy comfy, and MUJI’s version comes in a classic style and in a range of failsafe colours.

slip on 1              slip on 2


Beechwood Photo Frames: less 50% (U.P. $13-$36)

These photo frames come in a range of sizes to fit everything from your photographs to posters, and the natural beech they’re made of can complement any interior.

frame 1       frame 2
frame 3

Nylon Blend Pouch: less 50% (U.P. $16-$20.90)

You’d do well to stock up on these, because they’re super useful for everything from dumping into your handbag to keep all your knickknacks safe in one place, to holding all your travel toiletries.

pouch 1        pouch 2
pouch 3        pouch 4



The Great Singapore Sale at MUJI Singapore runs from 3 to 27 June 2016. muji.com.sg