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June 27, 2016

Once again, Instagram has birthed forth the next big beauty trend; if you haven’t been catching up, this is the incredibly photogenic lipstick everyone wants:


Click the link in bio to buy or enter Kailijumei.tictail.com

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We’re sure you see now why the internet has been all over these. Basically, they’re by a Chinese brand named Kailijumei, and they’re essentially glosses dispensed by these clear tubes that encase a tiny flower that corresponds to the shade of the gloss, as well as enchanting gold flecks – it’s safe to say it’s the prettiest lipstick of the year. The glosses actually adjust to the natural colour of your lips so they appear on different people differently – yes, this is one of those colour-changing mood lipsticks.

As expected, these were out of stock for awhile, and we could all only anxiously submit our pre-orders, and keep an obsessive eye on the Kailijumei Instagram page for restock updates. And… our efforts paid off! The three limited edition shades Hot Pink, Barbie Doll Powder and Minutemaid are now in stock, but they probably won’t be for long, so click fast.


Which is your favorite? Kailijumei.tictail.com

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Kailijumei lipsticks, US$30 each. Available on kailijumei.tictail.com.