June 16, 2016

Makeup should be fun – yes? Well Etude House certainly has their priorities in check, with an all-new release of a 2nd generation gradation lips system to the already popular ombre lip trend. Make room in your lippie stash for the Twin Shot Lips Tint, a pocket-sized bit of fun that combines matte mousse tint and glossy liquid for a burst of gorgeous colour.

twin shot LIPS TINT RD303 boss x mad shot twin shot LIPS TINT RD302 dusty x rose shot twin shot LIPS TINT RD301 lady x red shot  twin shot LIPS TINT PK001 happy ending x pink shot twin shot LIPS TINT OR203 thank you x very shot twin shot LIPS TINT OR202 nihao x mandarin shot twin shot LIPS TINT OR201 pure x love shot twin shot LIPS TINT BR401 mug x chia shottwin shot LIPS TINT PK002 inner x peace shot

Don’t be alarmed that the one product comes dispensing two different colours; each duo comes neatly dispensed through one tip, and is formulated to perfectly complement each other for the perfect gradient finish. After applying the mousse base to your entire lips for brightening and colour-correcting, simply click the shot button to release a good amount of the highly pigmented, moisturising tint shot – before layering tint shot in the inner contours of your lips. Just like the click pens you loved back in school; only twice as pretty, and formulated just for your lips. The final product is a luscious pout that smoothly blends the two different tints, for that effortless K-pop gradient you’ve been lusting after.

Nine different colour combis for nine different looks – maybe more; who knows? You might never need another lippie again.


Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint, $23.90, available from August 2016 at all Etude House stores. etude.sg.