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June 30, 2016

It’s often the things we can’t see that are the most deadly. And this adage doesn’t ring more true than when the skin is concerned, because why else are there so many anti-pollutant products out there in the skincare market? Every day, innumerable pollutants, UV rays, and other skin-damaging factors that lurk in the atmosphere attack our skin, weakening the skin’s barrier over time and leaving it more vulnerable to accelerated damage and ageing in the long term.

But no fear, the R6 Customised Face Treatment is here! This powerful facial treatment by Jean Yip Beauty promises to fix skin woes over six aspects, namely: repairing blemishes, resurfacing scars, revitalising dull and ageing skin, refining wrinkles, restructuring saggy skin, and retexturising uneven skin surfaces.

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The reason why this treatment is able to do so many things at once – and do it well, at that – is the use of the high-tech Transdermal Administrative System (TAS) as part of the treatment equipment, which allows any product that is applied in the process to better penetrate the skin and become more effective. And since every Jean Yip Beauty treatment starts off with a one-on-one consultation with a therapist, whatever is administered will always be tailored to your specific skin needs. But generally, each treatment session involves a deep cleansing, a calming and soothing step to minimise pores, the TAS step, and a mask for eye and neck care.

Speaking of eye and neck care, we bet these are areas you’ve neglected; once the fine lines start to show, it’s probably too late, and signs of ageing actually do appear on these areas quicker since skin there is thinner and more delicate. That’s why Jean Yip Beauty has added the R6 Trilogy Detoxification Face Therapy to its fold of add-on treatments, which can be paired with the R6 Customised Face Treatment. It uses ultrasound and light-based technology and lymphatic drainage to detoxify and boost microcirculation in the skin, so puffiness and redness can be cut down by up to 30% within the first session.

Makes sense, since the eye and neck area are parts of our body that many of us can be quite clueless about when it comes to maintaining it in tip-top condition, as Jean Yip Beauty has found out through their customers over the years. We’re glad we now know which expert to go to to fix it all.

Here’s your chance to give the ultra-luxe R6 Gold Infusion Face Therapy a go, at a very special price of $18 for the first trial* (U.P. $201). Sign up by clicking this link!


*For first time customers above 21 years old with skin concerns. Valid at all Jean Yip Beauty Singapore outlets. Jean Yip Group reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice. Other terms and conditions apply.


The R6 Customised Face Treatment and R6 Trilogy Detoxification Face Therapy, available at Jean Yip Beauty outlets. For more information, contact 6332 9918 or visit or